Tom Hanks Gave Conan His Nickname - CONAN on TBS

(Original airdate: 11/09/10) The originator of the nickname "Coco," Tom Hanks talks about his visit to Pixar and love of whales.

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  • Brian K
    Brian K8 days ago

    It's officially been more than a year since Tom Hanks posted on social media. If you know.

  • Geoff Shively
    Geoff Shively9 days ago

    Hhahaha Tom Hanks could do standup if he wanted! He’s funny AF. I didn’t realize that till now.

  • Peter Vasquez
    Peter Vasquez13 days ago

    Isn't he coming out in the new pinocchio movie.. I've got a great nickname for Tom.. Geppedophile

  • Zone07
    Zone0713 days ago

    Someone help me; ever since Conan ended I've been on an endless loop of Conan USplan videos; please, someone send cookies.

  • James
    James14 days ago

    Don’t forgot tom hanks loved to visit the children on Epstein’s island

  • ThanksForAllMyToes
    ThanksForAllMyToes16 days ago

    And the official conan youtube channel is coco... now that's power.

  • Darkdracox
    Darkdracox16 days ago

    Tom’s jacket looks like it’s tailored so well! Like it fits so good!

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores16 days ago

    I remember when he dubbed the "Con zone"

  • Popcornid
    Popcornid18 days ago

    Don't blame Conan

  • Rodrigo Machado
    Rodrigo Machado18 days ago

    "lying sons a bitches" LMFAO

  • GordonFreeman24
    GordonFreeman2418 days ago

    Missed opportunity to have Conan as the women’s restroom sign

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith18 days ago

    Tom Hanks is such an excellent actor, deserves all the accolades he's gotten- but growing up in the 80's I always remember him from Bosom Buddies, Bachelor Party, Splash, The Burbs- Tom Hanks is a Comedy Powerhouse, but now only shows it on talk show bits or occasionally SNL - it would be great to see him do a big "Just Comedy" Movie again- he'd surprise a ton of younger people who never knew that, and casual audiences and critics would probably say "I forgot how FUNNY Tom Hanks is"

  • Yevgeniy Fureyster
    Yevgeniy Fureyster19 days ago

    Is that where name team coco came from

  • Theresa May
    Theresa May19 days ago

    Bearded Conan is a wet dream

  • Ring of Art R.O.A
    Ring of Art R.O.A19 days ago

    Hide your children from Tom

  • Ashley Whitaker
    Ashley Whitaker19 days ago

    Team coco oh

    FIQKY FADZAN19 days ago

    Dang. I wasn't ready for cursing Tom Hanks.

  • Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks

    16 days ago

    Thanks for the love and support

  • Arko Wirarespati
    Arko Wirarespati20 days ago

    they're heavily foreshadowing buzz's spanish mode

  • Darrell Default
    Darrell Default20 days ago

    He knows about the autistic boys that went missing in sydney the week he had coronavirus and was in lockdown and they had a full on sob story on every news channel. Look for the other glove

  • Winky Nichols
    Winky Nichols20 days ago

    I forget who said it, but Tom Hanks is such a good guy, if a headline read "Tom Hanks Punches Nun." you're first thought would be, "What did that nun do?"

  • Goldy


    4 hours ago


  • Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks

    16 days ago

    I appreciate thanks

  • Justin Kaplan
    Justin Kaplan20 days ago

    Must be easy when John Ratzenberger visits. He's in pretty much every Pixar film.

  • You'renotthebossofmeyoutube
    You'renotthebossofmeyoutube20 days ago

    Is that Tim Honks or Otm Shank?

  • Mcfishy First
    Mcfishy First20 days ago


  • MczzinLL
    MczzinLL20 days ago

    I always wonderes why it's called Team Coco. Now it all makes sense 🤣

  • Bill Harris
    Bill Harris20 days ago

    Leno is a c word Good call

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor20 days ago

    I wonder what Issac Kappy would think of this? Tom knew where he died.

  • JCis TW
    JCis TW20 days ago

    TH, freemason trash.

  • Don Cruz
    Don Cruz20 days ago

    This is what happens when Tom hanks uses %1 of his power

  • Jordan Crew
    Jordan Crew20 days ago

    Bruhh you sure he's nickname is not The pizza guy ??

  • TK W
    TK W20 days ago

    UGH. GET RID OF HANKS....oh, wait.

  • Aleksandar Lukic
    Aleksandar Lukic20 days ago

    other talkshow hosts have guests over at their shows. conan has friends.

  • Paul
    Paul20 days ago

    So last year everybody was accusing Hanks of being bad and now they’re done chirping ?

  • Jennie Walker

    Jennie Walker

    17 days ago

    Trying to remember whst happened last year... What were people saying?

  • Jaime Salas

    Jaime Salas

    20 days ago

    That's what I'm saying lol

  • maria rahel varnhagen
    maria rahel varnhagen20 days ago

    Do You Run On ?

  • Andrea Chung
    Andrea Chung20 days ago

    O fak! I didn't realize TH is from the bay area! #hometownpride!

  • Ivan Andreev
    Ivan Andreev20 days ago

    Tom Hanks is indeed pure magic!

  • Paul Sebring
    Paul Sebring20 days ago

    It looks like you're doing the shake weight. Andy is a god.

  • Neal X Gaming
    Neal X Gaming20 days ago

    Anyone now have a burning need to know what character is on the women's room door at Pixar? Is it Bo-Peep? Jesse? Buzz? Mrs. Potatohead? I MUST KNOW. EDIT: apparent it's Bo Peep.

  • Kenneth Powers
    Kenneth Powers20 days ago

    Tom hanks creeps me out

  • This is useless
    This is useless20 days ago

    ...why is Conan funny? He's a talkshow host...

  • Tuong Le
    Tuong Le20 days ago

    Remember the time when people believed (and probably still believes) that tom hanks is a satan worshipper that’s eat kids through wayfair? 🙄😆

  • Amarpreet
    Amarpreet20 days ago

    Why has this interview been posted so late??? It is THE BEST!!!!

  • Ryan Torrance
    Ryan Torrance20 days ago

    This interview was around 10 years ago…..people just saying

  • Kp SA
    Kp SA20 days ago

    I hope Tom Hanks shows up on the new show's second episode

  • Brendan Lafferty
    Brendan Lafferty20 days ago

    “It’s a sample of my power.” Classic lol

  • Massimiliano
    Massimiliano20 days ago

    non avrei mai immaginato Tom dire "bugiardi figli di puttana" anche per scherzo

  • Raffaello Lorenzo
    Raffaello Lorenzo21 day ago

    Damn!!! Conan be rockin a beard 🤪 !!

  • Pak RT
    Pak RT21 day ago

    "Pixar people are lying sons of bitches." - Sheriff Woody

  • Shawn McLaughlin
    Shawn McLaughlin21 day ago

    I prefer Conan's twitter handle. @conebone69

  • Abe_Froman
    Abe_Froman21 day ago

    Tom Hanks and I share the same birthday: July 9th. But so does OJ Simpson, so :-/

  • HerNameWasKarl
    HerNameWasKarl21 day ago

    Woody is lit. I'm 25 and I have a doll of him that I bought this year. So with that knowledge alone, I'm gonna say Woody was the best selling toy at some point.

  • Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks

    16 days ago

    Thanks sweetie for the love and support..I appreciate

  • Jay
    Jay21 day ago

    On who?

  • Richmond W
    Richmond W21 day ago

    “Taking grandma to Applebee’s” is a reference to the “Conan Meets the TBS Censor” remote bit on euphemisms for sex, which aired earlier in that same episode:

  • Rajat Bhat

    Rajat Bhat

    20 days ago

    That is really really specific. his references are outta control

  • Atia Tobing
    Atia Tobing21 day ago

    Happy birthday Tom!

  • Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks

    16 days ago

    Thanks sweetie I appreciate your love and support..

  • Vertti
    Vertti21 day ago

    he said clout in 2010?

  • Walter Fitzsimmons

    Walter Fitzsimmons

    20 days ago

    Believe it or not, clout is actually a fairly old term.

  • JacobMTK
    JacobMTK21 day ago

    What is David S. Pumpkins doing on Coco?

  • The White Recluse
    The White Recluse21 day ago

    Way back when he helped Frankenstein waste a minute of our time, he's always been hilarious

  • london mockett
    london mockett21 day ago

    It’s funny I know a Pixar Director he directed monsters University and onward and he gave us a tour of Pixar headquarters and I don’t really remember the bathroom but I remember seeing like his photo on the wall and the sound booths

  • astroporpoise
    astroporpoise21 day ago

    Description says: "Tom Hanks talks about his visit to Pixar and love of whales" ...I love whales too and I didn't hear any mention of them in this bit :(

  • astroporpoise


    20 days ago

    @2KPotato No, was all in good fun! Take care :) And I do hope we get the actual clip from Coco soon!

  • 2KPotato


    20 days ago

    @astroporpoise haha now I feel bad, I respect your thoroughness though. Have a good one

  • astroporpoise


    20 days ago

    @2KPotato Thanks for me making me question my sanity lol. I rewatched it to confirm no such talk took place haha. Give me a time stamp :)

  • 2KPotato


    20 days ago

    What do you mean?? He literally told an anecdote about going whale watching in Iceland?? Were you paying attention????

  • Gray Mars

    Gray Mars

    20 days ago

    Dude 😳 description DOES say that!

  • Denverr Titarr
    Denverr Titarr21 day ago

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  • Russell White
    Russell White21 day ago

    Why did TH move to Greece? Truly evil.

  • Mark C

    Mark C

    18 days ago

    It’s odd and Greece doesn’t prosecute pedophilia.

  • Mn ey
    Mn ey21 day ago

    New episode?

  • Hamza Hussain

    Hamza Hussain

    21 day ago

    It’s newly posted but from 2010

  • Hollins23
    Hollins2321 day ago

    I don't understand the "take grandma to Applebee's" reference. Is that just about their huge portions, and how most grandmas don't eat a lot, and have smaller appetites?

  • Bolton Michael

    Bolton Michael

    21 day ago

    It was one of Conan's euphemism's for sex. I can't recall the episode though.

  • David Coleman
    David Coleman21 day ago

    Cappy. 🧤

  • Ignacio Segura
    Ignacio Segura21 day ago

    Tom Hanks swearing will never not be funny to me.

  • 穆天宁
    穆天宁21 day ago

    Now that Conan actually spoke Spanish on the show, I remember he said he speaks Spanish.

  • Arai See
    Arai See21 day ago

    Tom Hanks better be the next second guest in HBO.

  • Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks

    16 days ago

    Thanks I appreciate your love

  • Ruben Oh
    Ruben Oh21 day ago

    “I went to your Twitter site…”

  • Julie.An. Nalley
    Julie.An. Nalley21 day ago

    I love him now and Forever ! Boom

  • Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks

    16 days ago

    Thanks sweetie for the love and support I love you too

  • TrooperClerk
    TrooperClerk21 day ago

    Always and forever, I’m with Coco.

  • Herby The Blackfeet
    Herby The Blackfeet21 day ago

    That Bug's Life joke is awesome. Best pixar movie ever

  • miss crys
    miss crys21 day ago


  • Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks

    16 days ago

    Thanks love I appreciate

  • Wood Beast
    Wood Beast21 day ago

    Hanks is a sell out

  • Eugene Louis
    Eugene Louis21 day ago

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  • Judy Amber

    Judy Amber

    21 day ago

    @Bruce AlbertThanks for his contact info, I'll get to him right away☘️☘️☘️

  • Bruce Albert

    Bruce Albert

    21 day ago

    @Judy Amber +1 =(=2=6=7)= 5=0=9=7=8=7=8✅✓✓✓✓✓✓✓

  • Bruce Albert

    Bruce Albert

    21 day ago

    @Judy Amber His availability is on Whats App🌷🌷🌷🌷

  • Judy Amber

    Judy Amber

    21 day ago

    @Bruce Albert How do I contact Mr Benjamin Franklin?

  • Bruce Albert

    Bruce Albert

    21 day ago

    Trading crypto with Expert Benjamin Franklin has being a game changer for me 💕💕💕

  • Silvio.R
    Silvio.R21 day ago

    Watch Mouthy buddha on bitchute to find out why tom hanks had to mute his insta gram comments

  • Silvio.R


    21 day ago

    @Hamza Hussain the truth deserves to be told

  • Hamza Hussain

    Hamza Hussain

    21 day ago

    Ur account will get banned eventually for telling truths

  • Caged
    Caged21 day ago

    Mr. Potatohead has been around much longer and thus probably has been sold more than Woody.

  • Caged
    Caged21 day ago

    I can't wait to see Tom Hanks on HBO Max.

  • Peter Vasquez
    Peter Vasquez21 day ago

    Conan shouldn't mention he has little kids in front of Tom Hanks

  • AerodyneGhost
    AerodyneGhost21 day ago

    Upload the clip or interview where Conan got the COCO name from!!

  • doodoobutter101


    21 day ago

    Sadly they can’t, cause that’s a Tonight Show clip! Conan doesn’t have the rights to those (...yet).

  • Golbez
    Golbez21 day ago

    everybody loves tom hanks... ive never heard anybody say anything bad about tom hanks...

  • Anna KCHF

    Anna KCHF

    18 days ago

    @Golbez Then there were the video clips by Isaac Kappy before he died and the tweets by Sarah Ruth Ashcraft adding to conspiracies. Tom Hanks’ weird appearance on SNL didn’t help. Most people thought it was CGI, as his hands looked like the hands of someone 30 years younger. Today people have moved on to new gossip and don’t seem to care anymore.

  • Golbez


    18 days ago

    Well i had to look up what pizza gate was... I've heard the conspiracy I just didn't know it was called pizza gate... Why is it called pizzagate? The funny thing, I guess not so much "ha ha" funny as much as it is "wtf" funny, is that those rumors are things my mom has been preeching since I was a kid... Of course she has psychosis and you can't take anything she says seriously...

  • Anna KCHF

    Anna KCHF

    18 days ago

    The whole of last year, Tom Hanks' comment fields on Twitter and Instagram were full of pizza-gate accusations. Anyone who's following Hanks could not have missed it.

  • YT Cornlyfe

    YT Cornlyfe

    21 day ago

    @dielaughing73 what do you mean seriously? Tom Hanks is weird. Look at his Instagram, he posts missing kids shoes hats socks and clothing items etc etc. Hanks is BAD.

  • dielaughing73


    21 day ago

    @YT Cornlyfe seriously?

  • stardust_memories
    stardust_memories21 day ago

    Happy birthday Tom 🎂

  • Mp3p0
    Mp3p021 day ago

    "I went on your Twitter site." -Coco, November 2010

  • YouTube DJ
    YouTube DJ21 day ago

    0:26 Grandma to Applebee's? Never heard of that sex move before.

  • YouTube DJ

    YouTube DJ

    21 day ago

    @Richmond W ah, so it is a sex thing. So random. I'll always remember the bit, "Country kookoo clock codpiece zulu warriors. They're Zulu warriors who wear cod pieces... made of kookoo clocks... and like country music." Good thing that's taking up space in my brain instead of being used to learn anything to finish college.

  • Richmond W

    Richmond W

    21 day ago

    I think it’s a reference to a comedy bit the show used to do about made up sex moves, like the Tokyo Sandblaster

  • Eduardo Camargo
    Eduardo Camargo21 day ago

    Tom Hanks 2024 !!

  • Mikaela Wright
    Mikaela Wright21 day ago

    Been looking for this clip for years I remember this so so clearly!!!

  • Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks

    16 days ago

    I appreciate you thank you

  • Ryo Fujiwara
    Ryo Fujiwara21 day ago

    Tom Hanks is a great actor, and all around funny guy.

  • Max Well

    Max Well

    20 days ago

    And a great guy. I was reading threads on reddit last night about which celebs are nasty and which ones are nice and people have nothing but good things to say about him.

  • Kevin Sweeney
    Kevin Sweeney21 day ago

    Pixar. They have to be lying sons of bitches...but why no thank you for everything I gave you people. From toy story, Antz, Bugs life. The Incredibles and the table light bouncing in to replace the letter 'I' in Pixar. All my ideas were successful. And yet you guys never gave me a job. Nothing. Ignored. Was I really that much of a wanker?

  • Zebulous
    Zebulous21 day ago

    Tom Hanks really is one of the most professional entertainers out there. And his affable personality is just great luck. Still not as good as Conan, but he is quite impressive. For an actor.

  • Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks

    16 days ago

    Thanks for the love and support I appreciate thanks

  • Blitzkrieg Bryce

    Blitzkrieg Bryce

    20 days ago

    @Acer Juglans I don’t know, why are you asking me that?

  • Blitzkrieg Bryce

    Blitzkrieg Bryce

    20 days ago

    @Derek Layman ahh ok so it’s kind of like what knighthood has become in England.

  • Acer Juglans

    Acer Juglans

    21 day ago

    @Blitzkrieg Bryce Why does he deserve to be slandered with horrible lies?

  • Derek Layman

    Derek Layman

    21 day ago

    @Blitzkrieg Bryce This question is besides the point of my comment but, since we're diverting from the main topic, I'd assume that it's because he fulfilled the third criteria for eligibility for the award, which is the _"especially meritorious contribution to... cultural or other significant public or private endeavors"._ Tbh, I don't really care who does/doesn't get one. I mean, Bill Cosby, Ellen Degeneres, and Rush Limbaugh literally have these; obviously it's moreso at the discretion of the sitting POTUS than the achievements of individuals themselves.

  • Devin Flanagan
    Devin Flanagan21 day ago

    He'll still always be "Conzi" to me

  • KanalDerGutenSache


    21 day ago

    I will stick with Conebone69

  • Terracraft
    Terracraft21 day ago

    Very nice

  • Joshua Anderson
    Joshua Anderson21 day ago

    Should have been on the last episode.

  • better secret

    better secret

    21 day ago

    I think he us going to be on the new one

  • OreoJellyFish
    OreoJellyFish21 day ago

    Wasn’t it actually the Twitter Tracker narrator and then Tom used it right after that segment during his interview? Just mentioning it because that Twitter Tracker skit was so funny 😂

  • OreoJellyFish


    15 days ago

    Actually if you search CoCo’s Cream of Tweet on USplan there is a low quality video of what I do believe to be the skit that started it all.

  • OreoJellyFish


    15 days ago

    Oh man! I wish there was a video on USplan of that Twitter Tracker skit that caused Coco to exist but I have not seen it anywhere (wish Conan would or could post it) but there are other “Twitter Tracker” skits on USplan. It’s not the particular one that started the nickname but had the same premise (like it was a recurring skit). You can search it and see them. They are funny too. It was a good segment while it lasted.

  • Eva Tarida

    Eva Tarida

    16 days ago

    Which one is this Twitter tracker skit? Would you please share the link? Thank you!

  • Rick Frye
    Rick Frye21 day ago

    He also posts a bunch of creepy pics under his weird nickname Hanx

  • No Hablo Emojis, Lo Siento
    No Hablo Emojis, Lo Siento21 day ago

    Didn't snoop dogg come up with coco when he was on the tonight show? Or ice t maybe? They were talking about coming up with random brand names with snoop dogg I think.

  • Cameron Radaszewski
    Cameron Radaszewski21 day ago

    He's such a genuinely funny dude.

  • Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks

    16 days ago

    Thanks you all for the support and love

  • Apurva Shanker

    Apurva Shanker

    20 days ago

    @Liam Gallagher Prove it or delete your comment. It's enough of y'all to make up fake stories for the sake of politics.

  • JC Demp75

    JC Demp75

    20 days ago

    @vrael I listen to both sides and I judge by what I feel is more right. The right is not doing well and that’s because they decided to listen and follow a narcissistic, Trump. Trump is not a leader, he should have never been in charge. I definitely agree that they all are corporate puppets. It’s not about us, it’s about the all might dollar in their pocket.

  • vrael


    21 day ago

    @JC Demp75 the left hides it better. It also doesn’t help that they control a lot of the media. You can see how that paints one side right? Politics is just a giant mess in general. Corruption everywhere. Politicians are basically puppets for corporations.

  • JC Demp75

    JC Demp75

    21 day ago

    @vrael some are worse that others. I have more trust for the left than the right. The right are looking like lunatics these days.

  • M Smith
    M Smith21 day ago

    The logo has changed on the toilet - it's now an octopus with 36 orifices

  • BlackDog


    21 day ago

    good one

  • Giannis Ksanthopoulos
    Giannis Ksanthopoulos21 day ago

    hahaha Andy is the best

  • Stark Arpit
    Stark Arpit21 day ago

    “It’s a sample of my Power.”

  • Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks

    16 days ago

    Thanks for all the love

  • Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. Adaba

    19 days ago

    😆👍🏾 He's a natural comedian.

  • Sidney Trangelo

    Sidney Trangelo

    20 days ago

    “It’s a sample of my power.”

  • thevrtt


    20 days ago

    “It’s a sample of my Power.”

  • Commander¥Shadow


    21 day ago

    “It’s a sample of my Power.”

  • becca bay
    becca bay21 day ago

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  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan21 day ago


  • ivanaviNiebla
    ivanaviNiebla21 day ago

    Didn't expect Tom Hanks to be so savage lol

  • Warren Rose

    Warren Rose

    Day ago

    He went off