Sona Is Ready To Meet Her Twins - "Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend"

Conan and Gourley check in with Sona, who is more than ready to give birth to her twin boys. Plus, Conan and Sona share how their mothers reacted when they were born.

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  • Yourmumgoestocollege1776
    Yourmumgoestocollege177615 hours ago

    Matt doesn’t actually want to carry a child. He’s just trying to say the right things for the camera. Just gunna say it.

  • Martin Whipkey
    Martin Whipkey2 days ago

    ..."a hot, f*cking mess!" Priceless!! Lol

  • Redwoods
    Redwoods3 days ago

    Sona really does look amazing and beautiful and glowing.

  • Google Critic
    Google Critic4 days ago

    Even when she’s pregnant she looks GORGEOUS Sona is the BEST Everyone is in love with her

  • Bobby M
    Bobby M6 days ago

    "Ugly in the crib, pretty in life" is what Dutch people say.

  • Pat rick
    Pat rick8 days ago

    Sona is getting cooler everytime I see her

  • Nogirl .whatsoever
    Nogirl .whatsoever9 days ago

    No science please don't do that lol If men in this life want to carry a baby they might as well become a woman in the next life and try it out lol (Edit: that is, for men that want to stay men)

  • I_hate_vampires
    I_hate_vampires12 days ago

    Damn she looks good

  • Megan Bryan
    Megan Bryan12 days ago

    hate this "compliment" Conan gave Sona. It's perfectly okay to look pregnant and not just in the stomach...jesus

  • Megan Bryan

    Megan Bryan

    11 days ago

    @1Deag Wonder if you think what he's saying/how he said it isn't implying otherwise, then I can't help you

  • 1Deag Wonder

    1Deag Wonder

    12 days ago

    No body said it wasn't

  • Evert from Nederland
    Evert from Nederland12 days ago

    I can't find the entire podcast anywhere with the images, only these short clips. Can anyone help?

  • Evert from Nederland

    Evert from Nederland

    11 days ago

    @Emily S i found these, but i'd like the video images not just sound

  • Emily S

    Emily S

    11 days ago

    You can listen to it on Stitcher or Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts

  • maen83
    maen8312 days ago

    Imagine Conan O'Brien being your father... go on. IMAGINE IT. 😂

  • dereque kayacomesin
    dereque kayacomesin12 days ago

    lol........ed asner after a

  • Tal Moore
    Tal Moore12 days ago

    Fun Fact: Twelve pounds of human is what Conan calls his penis.

  • Oldsmobile Thompson
    Oldsmobile Thompson12 days ago

    A man already gave birth years ago

  • Mcfishy First
    Mcfishy First12 days ago

    My twin is Kevin from #backstreetboys when I 15

  • serein1013
    serein101312 days ago


  • Stephanie Pinto
    Stephanie Pinto13 days ago

    She’s definitely lost a lot of weight. You can see it on her face and neck.

  • Yourmumgoestocollege1776


    15 hours ago

    I lost weight when I was pregnant. I was so sick. Perpetually nauseous. I definitely see it with her too tho.

  • Toc7 Olwn
    Toc7 Olwn13 days ago

    3:08 "yeah yeah I am" and that face that she makes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is a new side of her😂😂😂😂

  • Vasu GPS
    Vasu GPS13 days ago

    😩😩😩😩😩 I miss you all

  • Ms VonneGutPunch
    Ms VonneGutPunch13 days ago

    Of course they’d want to eat hummus instead of breast milk. Hummus is a perfect food; that’s why they advise against feeding it to your baby. Because then your baby won’t drink the milk they need. They’ll wave a slice of cucumber around in their fat little fist and ugly tantrum for more hummus. “If you plan to nurse, don’t feed your baby hummus, but do eat a shitload of hummus yourself” - Dr Spock

  • R Ehalt
    R Ehalt13 days ago

    Sona's babies will have traditional Armenian names: Palpatine and R4D5.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix13 days ago

    As per my father in law , if woman during pregnancy loses shine in her face, child will be boy but if her face remains same or shines more, child will be girl. Based on this, I am predicting gender of sona's twin children will be girls.

  • Amritha Deepu

    Amritha Deepu

    12 days ago

    She's already told in a podcast that she's expecting twin BOYS

  • Jose Lee
    Jose Lee13 days ago

    Hi Conan. I am your biggest fan. I hope I could see you on one of your shows. Love from Philippines.

  • Ryan Kraemer
    Ryan Kraemer13 days ago

    Elliott Page could carry a child right now... if he wanted to. Has science made this possible already?

  • fei83
    fei8313 days ago

    Matt is an ultimate beta King...

  • Ryan Kay
    Ryan Kay13 days ago

    For someone with $150,000,000… the quality of your podcast cameras are…I dare say… the best joke you’ve ever made. Congrats; the jokes on us. Jk buy better iPhones you fuckwads

  • mimo1983
    mimo198313 days ago

    She ready to train her replacement lol.

  • 5 minutes alone
    5 minutes alone14 days ago

    Conan is one of the very few funny guys from a late night show, but after his show ended, I honestly don't see this podcast lasting too long. It's not the same as the actual show, but nothing last forever. Some people want these talk show host to keep going after a show ends or just keep going with the show because the executive's find someone the audience likes and don't want to change it and just leaves it like every engine broke and finally one that finally works... Like that. Some celebrities keep going because they have no one to replace them, people got too use to them, or the celebrities don't know what else to do after doing the same thing for so long. Could anyone here really see Conan playing in a serious movie or be taken serious in a series? I can't without knowing they're might be a joke at the end. Conan needs to do what Mr. Obama did after he left office, and take a long break away from everyone and everything and relax a bit. Get his energy back and try to live a regular life for a while then maybe come out with new material instead of doing videos like this where he has to glorify his staff like Sona and Jordan which is getting pretty old with the same material. Keep making the world laugh Conan, we need it at this time with all the death from this pandemic

  • Trishla Sharma
    Trishla Sharma14 days ago

    Conan= golden retriever

  • ChemoBoy /DannyPhelleps
    ChemoBoy /DannyPhelleps14 days ago

    She still has that sarah mclachlany look.

  • Cho Koon
    Cho Koon14 days ago

    i'm just curious about the names.

  • Matt H
    Matt H14 days ago

    Sona laughing is joy.

  • seml8670
    seml867014 days ago

    Sona you are crushing it

  • Tony Wiltshire
    Tony Wiltshire14 days ago

    Father of twin girls 5 and 4 pounds stay at home dad ask me anything. I didn't carry them to birth just took over after.

  • kaypee1972
    kaypee197214 days ago

    It’s just a pleasure watching Sona laugh

  • TheTuubster
    TheTuubster14 days ago

    5:18 The highlight of your life is, when your father roasts you viciously how you looked like as a baby "on air".

  • Tobin Prowant
    Tobin Prowant14 days ago

    Does his assistant still work for him even though there is no show?

  • Tobin Prowant

    Tobin Prowant

    13 days ago

    @SuperNerd Gavin I can't imagine having a staff.

  • SuperNerd Gavin

    SuperNerd Gavin

    14 days ago

    Well she probably works for him in his personal stuff as well. Also he has another show coming up. Though I doubt she’s been working lately anyways since she’s pregnant then will need maternity leave. By the time she comes back Conan will probably be deep into work on the HBO max show.

  • Hagbard Celine
    Hagbard Celine14 days ago

    All the best to Sona!

  • Uriel Rojas
    Uriel Rojas14 days ago

    The baby's come out red-headed! Lmao

  • fixmybrokencondom
    fixmybrokencondom14 days ago

    In the year 2000

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee14 days ago

    man what is this improv that americans do hahaha in my country people would think you are crazy talking nonsense like that for so long haha

  • MrFair 1493
    MrFair 149314 days ago

    As much as I hate to say it, Conan is dead

  • Floss Man
    Floss Man14 days ago

    I maintain that all kids, or at least boys, look like Winston Churchill after they're born. Yes, cigar and all.

  • F S
    F S14 days ago

    Conan looks like a ginger cowboy and I'm here for it

  • Robert Bobby
    Robert Bobby14 days ago

    Sona is so damn Beautiful :^} And her laugh is incredibly adorable , it's super contagious! @( * o * )@

  • Ashish Ramteke
    Ashish Ramteke14 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this video, people!

  • Evert from Nederland
    Evert from Nederland14 days ago

    Sona we are all ready to meet your twins!

  • Celtic Cheetah
    Celtic Cheetah14 days ago

    "an angry old sports writer who'd tried his hand at boxing and it didn't go well" haha. I was born a month preemie. I was badly bruised coming out, I had jaundice and I was very skinny. My big sister cried the first time she saw me: she was expecting a cute little cherub, and she got a yellow and purple monster mahaha. Couple of weeks under a sun lamp sorted me out fine though so no harm done :)

  • clipmywingsable
    clipmywingsable14 days ago

    These videos are just enough to keep withdrawals at bay. Thanks Team Coco. I realize I've been spoiled for so long with daily fixes of the Cone Man. I hope he knows he's missed.

  • spamitburns
    spamitburns14 days ago

    The whistle Conan does at 4:01 is the same as the one he did on his first episode of late night.

  • V B

    V B

    11 days ago


  • Stan Giles
    Stan Giles14 days ago

    They paid a to have a baby upgrade. After 3 days they got the real beautiful celeb baby. It's a baby makeover

  • Jezza819
    Jezza81915 days ago

    She still hasn't given birth yet? I thought about 6 weeks ago she said it was any day now.

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool15 days ago

    Conan fan girling over Sona's pregnancy is adorable

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith15 days ago

    I've said in other clips what Conan is saying here- we don't see Sona's belly, but being that far along pregnant with twins, Sona Looks great!! She's Like minimal makeup, casual, and Looks pretty much the same- Luv Sona!

  • Jasper M.
    Jasper M.15 days ago

    Congratulations, Sona! My mum didn’t know she was having twins until my sister came along a few minutes later. I was not cute but at least my sister made up for my (still) pretorious rejectious by being extra adorable.

  • Jasper M.

    Jasper M.

    11 days ago

    @Jaerivus McGuillicutti they don’t exist - they are made up. 😂 Pretty Rejection

  • I’m .M

    I’m .M

    12 days ago

    Dude you are beautiful!

  • Jaerivus McGuillicutti

    Jaerivus McGuillicutti

    13 days ago

    I just upvoted you, mainly on the grounds that you got me to look up two words that don't seem to exist. I mean, obviously I don't/can't know every English word although I do fancy myself well-read and somewhat of a wordsmith besides, but the uniqueness of those two words really piqued my curiosity. What else can I say, but: mad pretorious of you, Jasper! (Both words are perfectly cromulent in my book.) ... Also, from your avatar, you seem to be doing fine now. ;)

  • Tae Young Ahn
    Tae Young Ahn15 days ago

    6 pounds, that’s some 2.7 kilograms.

  • Salvador Mejia
    Salvador Mejia15 days ago

    Poor Sona looks tired :(

  • The Suburban Gardener
    The Suburban Gardener15 days ago

    Conan looks like a weaker version of my grandma

    ANDRES VELEZ15 days ago

    two days and this babys are going to have the same birthday than me!! you can do it Sona!!!

  • krylesangerbeaver
    krylesangerbeaver15 days ago

    "Get this monster out of me" is also what Conans wife said during conception.

  • krylesangerbeaver


    12 days ago

    @K Ben24 He is tall, but I don't think he has the heat for it to be a compliment :p

  • K Ben24

    K Ben24

    12 days ago

    Is this a Conan insult OR a Conan compliment???

  • Neon State

    Neon State

    13 days ago

    i snorted

  • krylesangerbeaver


    14 days ago

    @Chromegloss :)

  • Chromegloss


    14 days ago

    Underrated joke

  • Джон Леннон
    Джон Леннон15 days ago

    Karabakh is Azerbaijan!!!

  • Nikki Givens
    Nikki Givens15 days ago

    She looks so beautiful. Congratulations. Cant wait to see the babies

  • China Man
    China Man15 days ago

    Sona's husband is so lucky. Imagine having the person running Conan's life running your family too.

  • Omar Majeed
    Omar Majeed15 days ago

    Conan the sage

  • arrowguy173
    arrowguy17315 days ago

    You had me at 48 McDonalds burgers....even if they're trash compared to the 80s, or pretty much any other fast food out there.

  • Damian Kosakowski
    Damian Kosakowski15 days ago

    Conan be chaste, wise, and just

  • maria rahel varnhagen
    maria rahel varnhagen15 days ago

    Maktabat Girls

  • maria rahel varnhagen

    maria rahel varnhagen

    14 days ago

    The document that translates them into illiterate muslim men is called "North Macedonia"

  • maria rahel varnhagen

    maria rahel varnhagen

    15 days ago

    Hakuseki Arai & Maktabat Girls are the same document by the same woman and her daughters

  • Jackrabbit
    Jackrabbit15 days ago

    The jokes about Americans and using stupid measurements like Feet and Hamburgers, and this dude unironically just used Hamburger as a unit of measurement

  • Damian Kosakowski
    Damian Kosakowski15 days ago


  • Damian Kosakowski
    Damian Kosakowski15 days ago

    You're commentating over my jump rope chewing adventure, its never gonna end

  • Kenneth James
    Kenneth James15 days ago

    I thought they were going to bring in people that looked like her. der

  • Henry
    Henry15 days ago

    Awwww, I wish more hospitals would mention babies’s weights in quarter pounders.(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)

  • BrosifStalin
    BrosifStalin15 days ago

    Lol, you guys need new cams.

  • Jeff Sorensen
    Jeff Sorensen15 days ago

    "That's 48 McDonald's quarterpounders." - Gourley with the best mental math joke in decades.

  • Robert Wallace
    Robert Wallace15 days ago

    Congratulations, Sona!!! YOU do look wonderful!!! :)

  • zombiefacesupreme
    zombiefacesupreme15 days ago

    I love how most of us already listen to this on the podcast, but we watch it anyways.

  • pj101


    7 days ago


  • Jason Schultz
    Jason Schultz15 days ago

    What's with the bandana?

  • Nightster79
    Nightster7915 days ago

    I'd love a Big Mac right now

  • B Bennett
    B Bennett15 days ago

    Sona looked ready to pop a month ago. Those kids will be here tomorrow.

  • Super Mario Nintendo
    Super Mario Nintendo15 days ago


  • ShootLikeKD
    ShootLikeKD15 days ago


  • TomH84
    TomH8415 days ago

    Conan’s Tarja Halonen morph is 95% ready

  • bic
    bic15 days ago

    Love you Sona :)

  • Penny Lane
    Penny Lane15 days ago

    So happy for Sona!!! Hope they let us know when the big day is/was! I so miss Coco and Andy and everyone 😪!

  • Tori Letteriello

    Tori Letteriello

    15 days ago

    She posted something about it on her Instagram

  • santiagobenites
    santiagobenites15 days ago

    I just don't understand how Conan can just keep getting funnier and funnier? When he's on, like in this podcast, nobody does it better!

  • Angelo Ryan Maalat
    Angelo Ryan Maalat15 days ago

    It's true tho I can't tell she's pregnant if you can't see her belly

  • Sezai Bölükbaşı
    Sezai Bölükbaşı15 days ago

    Sona looks so beautiful! Edit: Am I too late to ask her out?

  • Vismay Gupta
    Vismay Gupta15 days ago

    Gourley carrying Conan and Gourley's love child. Science please make it happen. 😀

  • Sheep Dog
    Sheep Dog15 days ago

    Sona deserves her own show...Hey @TBS hire her! Then Sona can hire an out-of-work comedian to be her assistant...Conan.

  • GuardianOwl
    GuardianOwl15 days ago

    1:07 He's describing a Mama's Little Helper Pregnancy Cooler, a conan bit from 2016.

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke415 days ago


  • valeria cognigni
    valeria cognigni15 days ago

    My parents always say that my older sister was really ugly when she was born because of forceps

  • JustSaiyanSteve
    JustSaiyanSteve15 days ago

    They need better quality cameras.

  • Tyler Baraby
    Tyler Baraby15 days ago

    But like, why is the camera quality so bad?

  • Simon
    Simon15 days ago

    So is this all old now? Does Conan have anything to do with this channel?

  • ToniHunterOne
    ToniHunterOne15 days ago

    Sorry I'm late to the oarty! Sona, congrats on the impending ready made family. Conan, so glad your still around keeping your eye on the pulse of comedy. I hope this we orks out and continues to give you the life you enjoy. Whatever that means. Cheers to Matt, Matt?, Matt, too.

  • Marissa (maroosk)
    Marissa (maroosk)15 days ago

    Sona is glowing 🤗❤🤗❤🤗

  • Peregrine C
    Peregrine C15 days ago

    I so feel you, Sona!

  • G
    G15 days ago

    She's not funny 🙄

  • Jay Israel
    Jay Israel15 days ago

    Her face is super skinny - that is so weird.