Rob Lowe On Hot Dog vs. Hamburger Buns - "Literally With Rob Lowe"

Rob weighs in on the debate between hot dog and hamburger buns. Listen to more "Literally!" @


  • MrMotherfuck123
    MrMotherfuck12320 days ago

    Finally a Question which really matters.

  • GameboyGuitar
    GameboyGuitar22 days ago

    this guy hasn't aged in 30 years

  • Eric Tyler
    Eric Tyler22 days ago

    Thank you Rob! Much love dude! I called at about 1am my time, and was half asleep, and also had a couple of brews... You're a legend.

  • Eric Tyler

    Eric Tyler

    22 days ago

    @Devo Davis perhaps a variant?

  • Devo Davis

    Devo Davis

    22 days ago

    I'm not 100% certain you're really the caller, or if you just clicked, heard the name, thought "Hey, same name!" and decided to troll. I'm impressed, truly. In either scenario; you're a legend.

  • Jack Foubert
    Jack Foubert22 days ago

    Its all made by the same stuff so you care's, Just lame people.

  • bfowl
    bfowl22 days ago

    He likes big giant burn to a crisp black hotdogs.

  • Flash Dance
    Flash Dance22 days ago

    How about imagining the hot dog bun impersonating as a mini sub?, although I like the hinged loaf idea too…..

  • Eric Tyler

    Eric Tyler

    22 days ago

    This is totally on my line of thinking lol

  • c soul
    c soul22 days ago

    Oh my God this guy is funny but what is this? I know I'm baked out of my gourd right now but this isn't funny or cringy or anything. This clip feels like purgatory 😶😐

  • Devo Davis

    Devo Davis

    22 days ago

    It really was a huge meh

  • Sam Gourhan
    Sam Gourhan22 days ago

    The nipple king has spoken

  • VideoNozoki
    VideoNozoki22 days ago

    WTF is this bullsh:t??? Conan, why have you forsaken us? I came here because I miss Conan. Instead you've posted THIS drivel ???

  • Simeon Harris
    Simeon Harris23 days ago

    i would argue that a hotdog bun is actually a hinged loaf

  • Barry Lyndon
    Barry Lyndon23 days ago

    all buns are not created equal

  • Dee_xx
    Dee_xx23 days ago

    Neither is the answer. Rob you can use romaine for your dog. :)

  • bfowl


    22 days ago

    He was talking in code. He meant penises.

  • John Irby
    John Irby23 days ago

    Is Conan in this video?

  • thomas green
    thomas green23 days ago

    Did anyone else get a hamburger ad ??

  • Orion 99
    Orion 9923 days ago

    Roll or bun? Somehow the answer involves a burning house ear death experience lol at least he answered though! Some people just can't \won't answer silly questions lol Side note, hamburger buns are great for garlic bread

  • Jacob Aisin
    Jacob Aisin23 days ago

    Just put the hotdog weiner on a stick and eat it as a skewer.

  • Javier Fernandez
    Javier Fernandez23 days ago

    Hot dog buns are a must. Light.

  • BBQ Boss
    BBQ Boss23 days ago

    well put

  • Clothed With The Sun
    Clothed With The Sun23 days ago


  • Michael Kowalczuk
    Michael Kowalczuk23 days ago

    Hey Rob

  • la tulipe noire
    la tulipe noire23 days ago

    Don't be afraid to hold a slippery dog with your hands Rob

  • la tulipe noire

    la tulipe noire

    22 days ago

    @A Real One. Not if you want to learn how to hold a slippery dog with your hands

  • A Real One.

    A Real One.

    22 days ago

    I think you are on the wrong part of the internet.....

  • BaBy DOLL
    BaBy DOLL23 days ago

    lol Man I Rassle With This So Many Times, Especially Growing Up With A Big Family Where All The Bread Went So Fast🤦

  • Galahad Garza
    Galahad Garza23 days ago

    With all due respect Mr Lowe, I don’t think you answered his question. He was asking whether there was a difference when eating something (other than hotdogs or hamburgers) between hotdog buns and hamburger bread. Lol. This is something that all Hoosiers have wrestled with throughout history.

  • Devo Davis

    Devo Davis

    22 days ago

    I would say it's situational, but the difference is slight even when the situation does provide a better sandwich with one or the other.

  • Beetle Juice

    Beetle Juice

    23 days ago

    Yeah I second that, he didn't answer the question asked.

  • Mike Ogden
    Mike Ogden23 days ago


  • psycold
    psycold23 days ago

    I doubt Rob Lowe has eaten bread for the past 30 years.

  • GamingVidz


    23 days ago

    lol I thought look at him! this is a gluten free man. sweet of him to at least try to comment

  • Xploration
    Xploration23 days ago

    I roll hamburger meat in a tube shape. I call it a hotburger hamdog.

  • A Real One.

    A Real One.

    22 days ago

    That is actually a thing! (Well its not usually in a hotdog bun. However, it's shaped the same way as you described.) Its true name is beef kafta. Its is a middle eastern dish, usually served with rice. It is quite tasty!

  • bum bo

    bum bo

    23 days ago


  • Artonline
    Artonline23 days ago

    I litterally love his answer

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    Olivia Emmanuel23 days ago

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  • Anthony TC

    Anthony TC

    23 days ago

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    Sushi Uchiha

    23 days ago

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    frank Williams

    23 days ago

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  • Xploration
    Xploration23 days ago


  • FedorMachida Last
    FedorMachida Last23 days ago

    Rob knows a thing or two about "hamburger buns." (drum roll)

  • Artonline


    23 days ago

    @Odd Eye you are litterally correct by saying few words

  • Odd Eye

    Odd Eye

    23 days ago

    swanson's burger tastes better.

  • Artonline


    23 days ago

    I litterally am doing a drumroll

  • Cris Cross
    Cris Cross23 days ago


    DAMANIQ PHILLIP23 days ago


  • Thien-Kim Quach
    Thien-Kim Quach23 days ago

    First time doing one of those first comments?

  • Thien-Kim Quach

    Thien-Kim Quach

    23 days ago


  • Siggy Lloyd

    Siggy Lloyd

    23 days ago

    @mavfan1 i can never tell if things like this are a complete troll or not

  • mavfan1


    23 days ago

    So it’s my first time downvoting your “first” comment!!!!!

  • Thien-Kim Quach

    Thien-Kim Quach

    23 days ago

    Hamburger buns for sure. Sloppy joes exists for a reason!