Rob Lowe On His Favorite Virtue - "Literally! With Rob Lowe"

Rob shares the virtue he wants to grow in and what virtues he looks for in others. Hear more "Literally!" @

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  • Tessa's World
    Tessa's World13 days ago

    I'm saving this! Thanks for answering my question! -Tessa

  • maria rahel varnhagen
    maria rahel varnhagen14 days ago

    What do you call a G Spot with a Bodyguard ?

  • maria rahel varnhagen

    maria rahel varnhagen

    14 days ago

    The vitality at the break in the 3rd wall

  • maria rahel varnhagen

    maria rahel varnhagen

    14 days ago

    How much orgasmic continuity ya got ?

  • maria rahel varnhagen

    maria rahel varnhagen

    14 days ago

    Arbeitfeligs Vitality

  • maria rahel varnhagen

    maria rahel varnhagen

    14 days ago

    All you have to do is call it the right thing

  • BattleAngelFan
    BattleAngelFan15 days ago

    Patience is great when the time is right for it. Sometimes, evil wins because good men are TOO patient. How does one know the difference? Education, but not the kind a government will knowingly teach you. People are mentioning empathy. I'd choose that over patience.

  • jwmassaro
    jwmassaro16 days ago


  • BattleAngelFan


    15 days ago

    Humility, you idiot! :D I was joking, pretending to be disgustingly unhumble.

  • climatebabes
    climatebabes16 days ago

    Rob Lowe answers the question "What virtue gets you laid"

  • Some One
    Some One16 days ago


  • Luke Lott
    Luke Lott16 days ago

    We need a segment on snl with all scissors and they all have eyes

  • Luke Lott
    Luke Lott16 days ago

    New and improved writer here

  • Free Bird
    Free Bird16 days ago

  • Marc C.
    Marc C.16 days ago

    He was impatient with the question so changed the question

  • Chunga
    Chunga16 days ago

    bro wtf am i watching

  • Vijay kumar
    Vijay kumar16 days ago


  • Ethan Aleman
    Ethan Aleman16 days ago

    I am buying the funny virtue and its my favorite thing to make people smile.

  • Kate Schroth
    Kate Schroth16 days ago

    Hi Rob! Hope all is well!

    ASMR EATING TATA16 days ago

    I like funny people too

  • robert black
    robert black16 days ago

    It's empathy Rob. Empathy.

  • Jonfers
    Jonfers16 days ago

    I think the virtue he's looking for is merely "good humor," which sorta encompasses patience too.

  • photonvox


    16 days ago

    Yes, having a good sense of humor is a part of mastering patience. I’ll bet this occurred to Rob after uploading, ha.

  • John Hurt
    John Hurt16 days ago

    I value intelligence. The MacGyver type of intelligence. The ability to quickly determine the right course of action and put it into motion.

  • Abe Sapien

    Abe Sapien

    16 days ago

    It's not a virtue. It's neutral. The desire to learn and improve, which is a combination of humility, work, and curiosity, are closer to real virtues.

  • sam-online
    sam-online16 days ago

    Weird... he wants more patience and I want him to be funnier.🤣🤣👍

  • RandomPlayIist


    16 days ago

    Um, this isn't a comedy podcast.

  • bubblesezblonde
    bubblesezblonde16 days ago

    Why isn't comedy is virtue? And whom says that it is not? I liked that answer. I have always found patience to be attractive, but that is just me. :)

  • Blackwater dd7
    Blackwater dd716 days ago

    So Rob doesn't know what virtue is?lmao!

  • I'm right you're wrong

    I'm right you're wrong

    16 days ago

    What is it?

  • Guido Anselmi

    Guido Anselmi

    16 days ago

    He says, "it's not a virtue" so of course he knows what is and what isn't.

  • J Ewert
    J Ewert16 days ago

    Could never have enough patience in todays world.

  • tRonald Dump
    tRonald Dump16 days ago

    His favorite vice is young girls

  • tRonald Dump

    tRonald Dump

    16 days ago

    @Patty Lanenga it's just a joke

  • tRonald Dump

    tRonald Dump

    16 days ago

    @sam-online I'm trump trash? And can't I make a joke anyway

  • tRonald Dump

    tRonald Dump

    16 days ago

    @JoAnne Weiss I'm sure he still has his old loves lol

  • sam-online


    16 days ago

    yours is clearly to troll like trumptrash.

  • JoAnne Weiss

    JoAnne Weiss

    16 days ago

    Not since his 20's duhhhh

  • Miguel Alejandro Anaya Rivera REVIEWS.😀
    Miguel Alejandro Anaya Rivera REVIEWS.😀16 days ago


  • peetie5000
    peetie500016 days ago

    Looking for Grady baby! WHOOOOOOOOOO!