Justin Long's Matt Dillon & Ted Levine Impressions - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

(Original airdate: 06/23/05) Justin Long talks about growing a "reedy and pubic-like" mustache and does impressions of Matt Dillon and Ted Levine.

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  • Daniel McDonald
    Daniel McDonald18 hours ago

    Justin Long is such a talented, underrated dude 💜✌️🎥👻 I.J.S.

  • Vincent Marandola
    Vincent Marandola20 hours ago

    Thursday 23rd June 2005

  • Joshua Donaldson
    Joshua DonaldsonDay ago

    I have no idea who he is, but hes funny AF

  • Ace of Spades
    Ace of SpadesDay ago

    He’s was pumping it to Amanda seyfried at one point… lucky dog

  • Hayley Comet
    Hayley CometDay ago

    Love the Dillon impression and Justin is such a cutie!

  • matthewcyahoo
    matthewcyahooDay ago

    Thats a great Matt Dillon impression. I grew up about 5 houses away from him, nice guy, nice family. His father actually passed away this week..

  • Hoof Hearted
    Hoof HeartedDay ago

    Spot on Matt Dillon impression!

  • Called Out
    Called OutDay ago

    Geez 16 years ago! Crazy

  •  Nitro Hank tours America
    Nitro Hank tours America Day ago

    Costas is irresistibly attracted to male pubes.

  • T D
    T DDay ago

    Every guy has a Matthew McConaughey and Buffalo Bill impersonation in his back pocket.

    FEFEFILM PROD2 days ago

    Those were good impressions

  • Alwayzchillin07
    Alwayzchillin072 days ago

    He looks like he could be The Dean of a fake college. 😏

  • A O
    A O2 days ago

    the Jeeper`s creeper`s guy

  • Tripping in the Fall
    Tripping in the Fall2 days ago

    hey, its Doctor Lexus

  • FanFanBessie2
    FanFanBessie23 days ago

    He looks like a relative of Angry Joe, right?

  • soulseeker
    soulseeker3 days ago

    is that the red hot chili peppers lead singer?😉

  • g k
    g k4 days ago

    That Matt dillon impression did not get the respect it deserved ...

  • Donde Merlin
    Donde Merlin4 days ago

    This is a stupid conversation/interview but I have been impressed by this guy. He did a real good job, like another relatively young actor: M E Winstead, in that Die Hard movie.

  • Driveway STAR
    Driveway STAR5 days ago

    Why is no one mentioning his badass mullet

  • Jay Cuthbert
    Jay Cuthbert5 days ago

    "Can I tell you my favourite Matt Dillon story real briefly?"

  • Drac Xietro
    Drac Xietro6 days ago

    Seeing someone (especially the likes of Justin Long) do a spot-on impression of Matt Dillon is just priceless. I’m a big Dillon fan, so I love this. And like any great impression/ist, Justin didn’t simply sound like Matt but it’s like he morphed into him, lol. Also, I’m now realizing that Keanu Reeves started to sound kinda like Matt Dillon as he got older XD

  • Tripping in the Fall

    Tripping in the Fall

    2 days ago


  • TooLegit 2Glich
    TooLegit 2Glich6 days ago

    Mark Hamill’s looking good!

  • Jack Cade
    Jack Cade7 days ago

    I don't know where Matt is from, but he definitely has a Philly/S.Jersey thing going.

  • Joe R

    Joe R

    5 days ago

    Mamaroneck, NY. Not too far from The Bronx.

  • davidmreyes77
    davidmreyes778 days ago

    That’s a damn fine impression of Matt Dillon.

  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders8 days ago

    I cant stand Justin Long

  • Not a fan Of the Pope
    Not a fan Of the Pope9 days ago

    That’s such a terrible mustache

  • The Paper
    The Paper9 days ago

    Herbie fully loaded. Back when you could daydream about Lindsey Lohan.

  • Caffeinated Nation

    Caffeinated Nation

    6 days ago

    Ha, I was daydreaming about Long back then. 😂

  • Jeff Bridges
    Jeff Bridges10 days ago

    This dude will never know what it's like to be in the school of hard knocks

  • LycanLink
    LycanLink11 days ago

    Justin, maybe do 90% normal voice, 10% Matt, and then you'll have it, because your normal voice sounds a lot more like him. Your impression sounds like a mafia guy. :p

  • Donnie_Darko
    Donnie_Darko11 days ago

    Justin Long looks like Party Cop from the cabin fever franchise

  • Arenas V
    Arenas V12 days ago

    He also can play one hell of a Walrus!! Hats off to ya Justin!!

  • Jordan Hernandez
    Jordan Hernandez13 days ago

    “Scissors are in the sink shirts where you going ?”

  • Grace Garvey
    Grace Garvey13 days ago

    2:02 is the impression

  • Pat Bruno
    Pat Bruno13 days ago

    The resemblance to Anthony Keidis is crazy

  • Brian Fong
    Brian Fong13 days ago

    So he is neither a Mac or a PC. What is he?

  • lulu
    lulu15 days ago

    Justin long❤️

  • rish dogg
    rish dogg15 days ago

    When he says "do it for her.. " 🤣 😂 brilliant.. 💯

  • Gary Liao
    Gary Liao15 days ago

    carrer is going great - herbie fully loaded? if not for those "im an apple" commercials and drag me to hell i prob woulnt know/ care who he is

  • La Leyenda
    La Leyenda15 days ago

    Ted Levine 🔥

  • Umair
    Umair15 days ago

    Damn there hasn't been a Herbie movie since then

  • wjatevrr
    wjatevrr16 days ago

    This guy is 43 but still looks like he’s in his 20s

  • Aleksandar Radovanovic
    Aleksandar Radovanovic16 days ago

    If anyone should play Anthony Kiedis...

  • P Morse
    P Morse16 days ago

    Justin is awesome! glad he made it on

  • Prof Pwnalot
    Prof Pwnalot16 days ago

    Justin Long in Zack and Miri make a porno was gold. Amazingly funny and great performance. Anyone who hasn't seen should definitely check it out!

  • K P
    K P16 days ago

    I thought this was a younger skinnier version of Post Malone until I clicked on the thumbnail...

  • alfredo gonzalez
    alfredo gonzalez16 days ago

    The Sasquatch Gang look.

  • AcaciaStrain82


    4 days ago

    It's a shame not many know this movie..

  • ant whip
    ant whip16 days ago

    Anthony Kiedis hasn’t aged a day. Wow

  • Jon Wilson Tee
    Jon Wilson Tee16 days ago

    Justin is rocking the reverse hitler

  • Arsenal Arsenal
    Arsenal Arsenal16 days ago

    Why does Justin Long look like Carrie Brownstein’s character Lance on Portlandia?

  • KingKaitain
    KingKaitain16 days ago

    My moustache is exactly like that. The pathetic sparseness, the weaselly gap in the middle.

  • c'est un rêve
    c'est un rêve16 days ago

    Justin long I didn't know I wanted to watch

  • boo hoo
    boo hoo16 days ago

    Ted Levine was great in Monk

  • David Paulsen
    David Paulsen16 days ago

    It's not an Impression. It's an Impersonation.

  • Sky Dog
    Sky Dog16 days ago

    Have always liked JL This was a good one

  • Stefan Richard
    Stefan Richard16 days ago

    I love him. I've always said he would be my first choice to play the lead if they ever finally end up doing a Gilligan's Island remake.

  • filips C
    filips C16 days ago

    Zerk Wilder: big whoop I can do that!

  • bulletproof tiger
    bulletproof tiger16 days ago

    What happened to this guy? I remember always seeing him in movies in like 2006.

  • T Electronix

    T Electronix

    14 days ago

    He was in one that came out last year called The Wave, it's pretty great. 👍🏼

  • Millind


    15 days ago

    Come on.....does no one watch F is for family? He was great as Kevin Murphy.

  • lucas8913


    15 days ago

    Last thing I saw of him was Giri/Haji. He was great in it.

  • boo hoo

    boo hoo

    16 days ago

    I saw him in portlandia which is somewhat new

  • Ripplin
    Ripplin16 days ago

    Anyone else think of Nowhere Man first when they hear about Ted Levine? No? Just me? :(

  • Tom Ready
    Tom Ready16 days ago

    Justin is so underrated, First thing I saw him in was Jeepers creepers and that guy was phenomenal. That was a incredible performance.

  • Tyr Anglin
    Tyr Anglin16 days ago

    Love Conan O'Brien

  • couchpoet1
    couchpoet116 days ago

    “My sister was a tard... she’s a pilot now”. ~idiocracy

  • Jack Cade

    Jack Cade

    7 days ago

    Yeah. First wife.

  • LeftHookOuch McArm

    LeftHookOuch McArm

    10 days ago

    My first wife

  • Ivan Regino
    Ivan Regino16 days ago

    Good guy, I must say👍🏽

  • Folarin Osibodu
    Folarin Osibodu16 days ago

    The impression is more like Kevin Dillon.

  • Wu36Daddy


    16 days ago

    Kevin is doing a Matt impression

  • LexiCat
    LexiCat16 days ago

    He does a better Matt Dillon than Matt Dillon

  • Phinneus Prune
    Phinneus Prune16 days ago

    What happened to this guy. I remember he was PC guy. Then he was in a bunch of movies and TV and then he was gone

  • will koestner

    will koestner

    16 days ago

    Hit up that filmography on wikipedia. He's got more than a few films worth a watch or two.

  • Shawn McLaughlin
    Shawn McLaughlin16 days ago

    The Levine isn’t that great. Ted goes from clear tone, to sounding like his tongue is in his throat, at the drop of a hat. For those who’ve seen the series “Monk”, Levine is Captain Stottlemyre.

  • SealAngel
    SealAngel16 days ago

    Jeepers Creepers howd you get those peepers.

  • unitedstases
    unitedstases16 days ago

    Justin doesn't get enough love, man. He's such a sweetheart and legitimately hilarious if he's just allowed to be himself. Plus, those impressions are some Hader-level deep cuts there. I don't think I've seen anyone do Dillon. Levine, possibly - though it'd be great if, like Justin mentions, people consider his other roles outside Buffalo Bill.

  • Andrew Kelly

    Andrew Kelly

    6 days ago

    Seth Green does a pretty mean Levine impression. It's how he got the job voicing Chris on Family Guy.

  • Adrian D

    Adrian D

    15 days ago

    "Such a sweetheart?" Unless you know him intimately IRL you know nothing about him

  • Jordan Hedger
    Jordan Hedger16 days ago

    He nvr came BK n Conan's dead now

  • Raymond D'Agostino
    Raymond D'Agostino16 days ago

    I hope Matt Dillon watched this episode.

  • Christian Larsen

    Christian Larsen

    16 days ago

    I’m Matt Dillon and I approve.

  • man zahalem

    man zahalem

    16 days ago

    Dead on impression!

  • Splinks
    Splinks16 days ago

    if there is ever an actor to play a young Keanu Reeves

  • S.Summers


    5 hours ago

    he is only 15 years younger than Keanu. definitely something in their DNA where they stay looking so young haha

  • Jeff Bridges

    Jeff Bridges

    10 days ago

    Keanu reeves still looks pretty young

  • CONVERSE1991


    16 days ago

    he can do an impression of Keanu too

  • Stech55
    Stech5516 days ago

    This kid is now in his mid 40’s…life is short 😭

  • ALBreezyx68


    2 days ago

    He is in his 40 now but still looks the same still has that childish boys look. Some people just age really well

  • Charles Followwill

    Charles Followwill

    5 days ago

    I myself just set a personal best, most consecutive days alive. 🤠

  • T Electronix

    T Electronix

    14 days ago

    "Life could be a dream...."

  • Aleksandar Radovanovic

    Aleksandar Radovanovic

    16 days ago

    This is, at least, 15 years old video

  • DrDespicable


    16 days ago

    Early 40s - and doesn't appear to have aged a day. He might be Paul Rudd in disguise.

  • burteriksson
    burteriksson16 days ago

    I bet he can do any impression you just shout at him.

  • Charlie Zelenoff
    Charlie Zelenoff16 days ago

    14 up my crack.

  • Swapnil Prabhudesai
    Swapnil Prabhudesai16 days ago

    He was marvelous in jeepers creepers, one of the most under appreciated movies of the last 2 decades.

  • Bits & Thesis
    Bits & Thesis16 days ago

    Conan's quick observation of Bob's interjection after the pubic comment is just one reason as to why he's the greatest host.

  • Joshua Donaldson

    Joshua Donaldson

    Day ago


  • Frank Dux
    Frank Dux16 days ago

    Dr. Lexus!

  • Mr. Fancypants
    Mr. Fancypants16 days ago

    He looks like he came to the studio in a t-shirt and they gave him a jacket to put on right before he came onstage.

  • reymont cantil

    reymont cantil

    Day ago

    @Johnny De Leon it really was. this is how me and all my homies dressed in 2005, moustache included.

  • Johnny De Leon

    Johnny De Leon

    16 days ago

    Nah that was a style back then

  • Pedro Alvarado
    Pedro Alvarado16 days ago

    He was great on jeepers kreepers

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E16 days ago

    Hello, I’m a sellout!

  • Yani the Great
    Yani the Great16 days ago

    Justin Long is actually one of the goof balls that I have a huge crush on. He is both funny and cute.

  • Joshua Donaldson

    Joshua Donaldson

    Day ago

    Just a tip, dudes dont like being called a goofball

  • Yani the Great

    Yani the Great

    15 days ago

    @Christian Campbell how? Why? When? 😂

  • Christian Campbell

    Christian Campbell

    15 days ago

    @lulu Make me weaboo

  • lulu


    15 days ago

    @Christian Campbell nah I d rather you shut up

  • Christian Campbell

    Christian Campbell

    15 days ago

    @lulu Make me weaboo

  • ihatezgoogle
    ihatezgoogle16 days ago


  • The Mercy Seat
    The Mercy Seat16 days ago

    He should've had that "pubic" stash in Idiocracy!!

  • Snowcone Guy
    Snowcone Guy16 days ago

    Now I have to re-watch TUSK.

  • josh blahnamehere

    josh blahnamehere

    3 days ago

    @GREEN GOBLIN oh man, forgot about jeepers creepers. That first one was fire....Also loved the acting in Tusk a lot, but I think that is a one and done movie for me lol, just can't handle it. Very well done though.



    16 days ago

    Or jeepers creepers (2001)

  • JP M
    JP M16 days ago

    He looks like that “macho” male character that Carrie plays on Portlandia. 😂😂😂

  • S.Summers


    5 hours ago

    cant unsee that now 😆

  • Jill Costik

    Jill Costik

    2 days ago

    lol, he really does. i was just thinking that

  • #1 critter

    #1 critter

    16 days ago

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

  • Wu36Daddy


    16 days ago


  • JP M

    JP M

    16 days ago

    @patmandew What? I don’t remember that! I’m gonna have to go watch that episode now.

  • Kale Brecht
    Kale Brecht16 days ago

    Ted Livines voice is so distinct from buffalo bill to Rusty nail in joy ride.

  • dragon7590


    Day ago

    I can no longer eat candy canes thanks to him in Joy Ride.

  • Nuke Creed

    Nuke Creed

    16 days ago

    I like him singing in The Hills have Eyes.

  • Sheila Anne

    Sheila Anne

    16 days ago

    I found him on Crime Story with Dennis Farina & never looked back.

  • peetie5000
    peetie500016 days ago


  • KJR
    KJR16 days ago

    Bob Costas was like “and I took that personally” 😆

  • B T

    B T

    15 days ago

    Comedy is obviously not his thing.

  • Nicole Freeman
    Nicole Freeman16 days ago


  • Nic ,
    Nic ,16 days ago

    Miss you daddy!

  • Amarpreet
    Amarpreet16 days ago


  • J
    J16 days ago

    His face upsets me

  • Mister Sweetness
    Mister Sweetness16 days ago

    Not First

  • Saowalak Chompakdee
    Saowalak Chompakdee16 days ago

    Bangkok Thailand🥰🥰🥰

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    Martyn Birdem

    16 days ago

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  • Sam lugard
    Sam lugard16 days ago

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  • T Electronix

    T Electronix

    14 days ago

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  • El Ciclista

    El Ciclista

    16 days ago

    I’m investing in Justin Long’s stache. I expect it to be like an explosion in the rise of staches now.

  • Jonathan Baird

    Jonathan Baird

    16 days ago

    So you can cash out and leave others to hold the bag? This is a Conan clip. GTFO of here with the spam.

  • Anthony Butcher

    Anthony Butcher

    16 days ago

    I'll invest in your mom.

  • Chavez6754


    16 days ago

    Crypto is the new gold

  • Moon Majesties
    Moon Majesties16 days ago

    That was great! 🐾😸

  • Saowalak Chompakdee
    Saowalak Chompakdee16 days ago


  • CHEF
    CHEF16 days ago


  • The Crow
    The Crow16 days ago

    Team Coco

  • Nathan Cortez
    Nathan Cortez16 days ago