Jennifer Garner Was A Streaker In College - CONAN on TBS

(Original airdate: 10/14/14) When Jennifer did summer stock, she was the leader of a band of streakers. Why? She was just in "a naked frame of mind."

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  • John Smith
    John Smith2 days ago

    Oh good lord people reminding of her silly 'snuck' mistake, like they've never screwed up before. She's adorable and seems way more personable IRL than on her show Alias.

  • Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh
    Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh10 days ago

    didn't know that Conan's hair could change the colour....

  • Dein
    Dein18 days ago

    Jennifer Garner is one of few artists in Hollywood who gives good moral examples for not only her kids, but for all kids. And of course for others Mom , how to raise the kids properly. She is an honest mom .Hope her kids will grow and have a good character and good soul like her.

  • Boris
    Boris19 days ago

    She streaked and nobody made pictures? 🤨

  • White Man
    White Man20 days ago

    Who really cares what this woman of lesser talent says?

  • Tom Mclaughlin
    Tom Mclaughlin22 days ago

    What an awesome babe

  • maria rahel varnhagen
    maria rahel varnhagen22 days ago

    You Don't Become The Biggest Thing By Busting

  • Little Jonathorn
    Little Jonathorn22 days ago

    Reminds me of the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy “Keeper of the Reaper” at 1:58

  • bfowl
    bfowl22 days ago

    She streaked? I picture slender man dipped in vegetable oil.

  • Momo
    Momo22 days ago

    Conan is a 'never nude'! You heard it here first.

  • BB93
    BB9323 days ago

    Andy Richter, saving the interview once again

  • Curious Hooman
    Curious Hooman23 days ago

    She is a godess.!!

  • iam007richie
    iam007richie23 days ago

    It is hilarious that people think her streaking as surprising. When I saw the title included the word "college" I found it surprising. She opens her mouth doesn't indicate any "college". LOL

  • Greg Heitland
    Greg Heitland23 days ago


  • Prince Hamdan

    Prince Hamdan

    16 days ago

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  • Rick A
    Rick A23 days ago

    Jennifer Garner sounds like a real sweetheart.

  • Michael Tobin
    Michael Tobin23 days ago

    Band name: "Naked Frame of Mind". DIBS!!!!

  • Paco A
    Paco A23 days ago

    Dayum no cellphones in those days

  • Sparsh Mecwan
    Sparsh Mecwan23 days ago

    "World's most trusted comedy brand in the universe"

  • Sugarfree
    Sugarfree23 days ago

    She went to college and she learnt that snuck is not a word.

  • Mic James
    Mic James23 days ago

    I've decided....Jennifer Garner is my spirit animal!

  • Daniel Earl
    Daniel Earl23 days ago

    The real question is, why isn't there a dictionary on the desk? Ya know, just in case . . .

  • Revolve!
    Revolve!23 days ago

    Those pics will be worth millions

  • vinisr12
    vinisr1223 days ago

    Sneaky girl!

  • Alabama Liberal
    Alabama Liberal24 days ago

    Conan was the best host The Tonight Show ever had, and lasted six months. Jimmy Fallon is 7 years in and justice

  • Nat Wolins
    Nat Wolins24 days ago

    I would watch that.

  • Ramyn Noodles
    Ramyn Noodles24 days ago

    World's most trusted comedy brand, nice

  • Jay Carter
    Jay Carter24 days ago

    Jennifer Garner is a national treasure.

  • Intonation Practicer
    Intonation Practicer24 days ago

    I think a demonstration should have been in order.

  • The Mass
    The Mass24 days ago

    She looks like a female Boris Becker

  • Ty
    Ty24 days ago


  • Frans Schreuders
    Frans Schreuders24 days ago

    "Show the clip"

  • Mitan Srivastava
    Mitan Srivastava24 days ago

    She spoke fluent english this time... Grammatically sound... Conan must've taught her as he went to HARWARD...

  • lilyusi


    23 days ago

    It's pronounced HOWARD

  • James Howlett
    James Howlett24 days ago

    Is this the girl who doesn't know English?

  • The V Countdown
    The V Countdown24 days ago

    Why does this woman still look like 20 but so natural, at almost 50?!

  • The V Countdown

    The V Countdown

    23 days ago

    @Bonghune Zhou what???

  • Bonghune Zhou

    Bonghune Zhou

    24 days ago

    So jealous 😕

  • loveforeignaccents
    loveforeignaccents24 days ago

    She reminds me of someone who can NEVER relax.

  • keisha 21
    keisha 2124 days ago

    Did she come back to Conan after the incident?

  • Shivam Shukla
    Shivam Shukla24 days ago

    I miss Conan already. Come on Team Coco get the Hbo Max show up and running.

  • Mary G
    Mary G24 days ago

    Jenn is so hot.... I'd be running around naked too, haha.... uh, nevermind!? Haha 😄 🤣 😂.... love you guys!!!

  • Prince Hamdan

    Prince Hamdan

    16 days ago

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  • Gerb McNuggets
    Gerb McNuggets24 days ago

    OG confidently incorrect. Something tells me she’s not used to people disagreeing with her.

  • The Gaming Kitchen
    The Gaming Kitchen24 days ago

    Someone is an exhibitionist.

  • Paul Bujak
    Paul Bujak24 days ago

    Pics or it didn't happen.

  • Air Warden
    Air Warden24 days ago

    No one tried to throw a saddle on her? Why the long face?

  • J
    J24 days ago

    Goddamit that was funny

  • HyperGinger
    HyperGinger24 days ago

    I guess she “snuck” back onto the show

  • Stinky Piece of Cheese
    Stinky Piece of Cheese24 days ago

    Fine wine.

  • alice L
    alice L24 days ago

    I was worried this bit might be awkward, but thankfully it was actually funny and she was quite charming too.

  • Jonny DIY
    Jonny DIY24 days ago

    Lol the image of Conan pulling *naked Andy* on a barcalounger 🤣💕👍

  • No:1
    No:124 days ago

    Man, westerners seem to be obsessed with nudity!

  • Terence Malik
    Terence Malik24 days ago

    She's a really hard-working gal, I saw her doing chores on a farm with Kevin Hart. Impressive.

  • bigshrimpn
    bigshrimpn24 days ago

    Jennifer Garner is a top contender for worst actor ever. I couldn't wish for a lamer story either.

  • The Long Khan
    The Long Khan24 days ago

    If only she'd been a good actor, like, ever.

  • l80sman104
    l80sman10424 days ago

    I wonder why the crowd rejected her sexual energy so strongly.

  • Santtu Kähkönen

    Santtu Kähkönen

    23 days ago

    Because the US has perverted relationship to sexuality due to evangelist brainwashing

  • Tanner Stiverson
    Tanner Stiverson24 days ago

    "I streaked" "You mean struck. Streaked is not a word and you should know that."

  • Tanner Stiverson

    Tanner Stiverson

    23 days ago

    @Daft Funk Ha! Nice.

  • Daft Funk

    Daft Funk

    23 days ago

    Now I know what Baron von Strucker does in his free time.

  • Jensen


    23 days ago


  • Feris Yunos

    Feris Yunos

    24 days ago

    @Alec Martin the comment was in reference to a previous Jennifer appearance on Conan. I looked it up for you here.

  • Feris Yunos

    Feris Yunos

    24 days ago

    I get your reference. Only life long Conan fans will understand.

  • slyjokerg
    slyjokerg24 days ago

    Andy is so good. LOL

  • Xtreme DankJoy
    Xtreme DankJoy24 days ago

    SHE CANNOT BE HUMAN.............

  • Xploration
    Xploration24 days ago


  • KDrop
    KDrop24 days ago

    I love her

  • wheelbite14
    wheelbite1424 days ago

    Video proof or it didn't happen. :)

  • Kurt Sudheim
    Kurt Sudheim24 days ago

    Totally agree with Andy, it's the movement that would kill, but I'm still not showing my horrendous body in public

  • Folarin Osibodu
    Folarin Osibodu24 days ago

    Conan should have said, it isn't "streak" it's "struck"

  • Feris Yunos

    Feris Yunos

    24 days ago

    @YodatheHobbit an inside joke. A reference to previous Conan appearance by Jennifer.

  • Feris Yunos

    Feris Yunos

    24 days ago

    @Alec Martin the comment was in reference to a previous Jennifer appearance on Conan. I looked it up for you here.

  • Waryaa Wariiri

    Waryaa Wariiri

    24 days ago

    @Alec Martin Did you even get what the inside joke is?

  • Alec Martin

    Alec Martin

    24 days ago

    Wrong. Streaked is actually correct. Struck is past tense for strike. Look it up

  • YodatheHobbit


    24 days ago

    But it's not.

  • Folarin Osibodu
    Folarin Osibodu24 days ago

    When you clicked on this, thought it was the "snuck" clip didn't you?

  • Xploration


    24 days ago


  • antfolchiable
    antfolchiable24 days ago

    I know Conan, I dont know who she is.

  • Michael Finley
    Michael Finley24 days ago

    Pics or it didn't happen.

  • william albritton
    william albritton24 days ago

    I seen her streaking. But dangit my alarm clock woke me up.

  • Cartoon Corner
    Cartoon Corner24 days ago

    She looks like a very well transitioned transgender

  • Ludovic Trottier
    Ludovic Trottier24 days ago

    Please, stop commenting: _____ is not a word Conan and you should know that. I can't like them all.

  • Poo Slinger
    Poo Slinger24 days ago

    Pics or STFU

  • Janne Söderlund
    Janne Söderlund24 days ago

    I was a stroker

  • Paul
    Paul24 days ago

    streaker isn’t a word. it’s strucker. you should know that

  • Bruce Awesomeperson

    Bruce Awesomeperson

    18 days ago

    @Places To Go you did the exwct same thing conan did, he got out a big dictionary and schooled her

  • Places To Go

    Places To Go

    23 days ago

    @Paul oh hahahaha got it.

  • Paul


    23 days ago

    @Places To Go That’s the joke I was making. Jennifer Garner said that snuck was not a word but it is and I said streaker is not a word but it is, of course.

  • Places To Go

    Places To Go

    23 days ago

    Upon checking it says Streaker is a noun and an informal word. streak·er /ˈstrēkər/ Learn to pronounce nounINFORMAL noun: streaker; plural noun: streakers a person who runs naked in a public place, especially in order to shock or amuse others. "a streaker ran right across the stage behind the presenter" On the otherhand, Strucker is NOT A WORD. I don't find any other than the surname of a person

  • Paul


    24 days ago

    @Kurt Sudheim Yeah haha, i thought it was funnier

  • Brisco Madani
    Brisco Madani24 days ago

    I dont mind being naked, but in a stationary mode :)

  • Danny mahé
    Danny mahé24 days ago

    hey it's the "SNUCK isn't a word" lady.

  • Ajay
    Ajay24 days ago

    Snuck fans gather

  • damnation
    damnation24 days ago

    garner is not a word, she went to harvard, she should know this.

  • tecums3h


    24 days ago

    You did not attend Harvard it appears. Har-umph, har-umph, har-umph.

  • tecums3h


    24 days ago

    I garner great appreciation for you word smithery.

  • icecreamheadache
    icecreamheadache24 days ago

    Jennifer Garner could captain my streaking team anytime.

  • Benjamin Hsu
    Benjamin Hsu24 days ago

    I knew I should’ve gone to college!!

  • Nuke Creed
    Nuke Creed24 days ago

    Streaked isn't a word.

  • Doug Unfunny
    Doug Unfunny24 days ago

    Thank you Jen for saving Ben, sorry Things did not work out between you two but you are a good woman.

  • The Long Khan

    The Long Khan

    24 days ago

    Super unfunny, bro. Guess it's not just a clever name.

  • Ting108
    Ting10824 days ago

    ha ha titter titter lame night high school comedy

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat24 days ago

    Any more grammar corrections, Jennifer? 🤣 I'm amazed she ever came back after that one lol.

  • Marty D
    Marty D24 days ago


  • Dean Garland
    Dean Garland24 days ago

    Jennifer Garner streaking had to be a sight to behold. 🙂

  • Real Deal
    Real Deal24 days ago

    Hey everyone, its SNUCKERS

  • Aandunno
    Aandunno24 days ago

    jennifer has an ego problem...its pretty easy to see.

  • Jay Patel

    Jay Patel

    24 days ago

    @Radha Lote I think he's referring to that time she unsuccessfully tried to correct Conan's grammar in an old interview

  • young machines

    young machines

    24 days ago

    A celebrity with an ego problem? Color me shocked.

  • Radha Lote

    Radha Lote

    24 days ago

    How do you mean?

  • Rodolfo Hernandez
    Rodolfo Hernandez24 days ago

    Andy is so quick and obviously very funny!!

  • PIX Promos & More
    PIX Promos & More24 days ago

    Did She Streak...or did she Struck?

  • Scorpion's Dog
    Scorpion's Dog24 days ago

    I may never see this girl the same again X////X 🤣

  • bahiya ben brahim
    bahiya ben brahim24 days ago

    Jen is the sweetest person in hollywood, love these two ❤ plus, Aries power baby !

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud24 days ago

    Every time I see both of them I just think about the word snuck

  • Anita Backrub
    Anita Backrub24 days ago

    I was a kid in the 70’s everyone went streaking! And pool jumping! 🤣

  • Ashi


    24 days ago

    And your last name back rub

  • tecums3h
    tecums3h24 days ago

    That is the most beautiful thing I've heard in a looooooong time.

  • Jeff Mattina

    Jeff Mattina

    24 days ago


  • K P
    K P24 days ago

    Keep the videos coming Team Coco!

  • Cleveland BCI
    Cleveland BCI24 days ago

    That would have made Daredevil watchable.

  • Brian Philip
    Brian Philip24 days ago

    She will forever in my mind be the "Snuck isn't a word, Conan" lady

  • Dein


    18 days ago

    @9 9 woow, she won the golden globe.She is defenitely a talented artist. She is a Mother who sets good moral examples and raised her kids properly.

  • 9 9

    9 9

    23 days ago

    @John Micheal Kane lol

  • 9 9

    9 9

    23 days ago

    @John Micheal Kane Whatever makes you sleep at night buddy, have a nice day.

  • 9 9

    9 9

    23 days ago

    @John Micheal Kane Yeah, talking about streaking, how sweet of her. Give me a break. She has no talent whatsoever.

  • 9 9

    9 9

    23 days ago

    @John Micheal Kane Nope, nothing else matters, because that moment proved her stupidity and nasty character.

  • Cleveland BCI
    Cleveland BCI24 days ago

    Him schooling her on "snuck" remains an all-time classic. She thought she was really clever....

  • gerard


    24 days ago


  • cadet526


    24 days ago

    But that dress

  • Joe King
    Joe King24 days ago

    News Flash Team Coco: The Show Ended!

  • Max Hyde
    Max Hyde24 days ago

    Sober streaking is a rarity.

  • Feris Yunos
    Feris Yunos24 days ago

    I miss Conan already.

  • sharathkumar26
    sharathkumar2624 days ago

    It's the movement that's the problem 😂

  • One Man
    One Man24 days ago

    Ray Stevens The Streak. Thumbz UPS

  • sopastar
    sopastar24 days ago

    We love Norm!