How Kristen Stewart Handled "Twilight" Mania | CONAN on TBS

(Original airdate: 11/17/2011) Kristen shares the difference between "Twilight" fans in New York, London, and L.A.

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How Kristen Stewart Handled "Twilight" Mania | CONAN on TBS


  • heejoojinwooforever
    heejoojinwooforeverDay ago

    This was uploaded a week ago!!! 😍😍❤️ and already has so many comments ~ Seriously I’m glad she’s growing her hair out and keeping her natural hair color! She rocks any hair style b/c she’s stunning but when she had this wavy semi long to long dark brunette hair… it was my fav!! Makes her beautiful green eyes brighter! (Think it was like after Twilight BD part 2) around 2012-2013. She was my girl crush since 2005! Hahaha I’m straight but she makes me bi 😮‍💨💙🤷🏻‍♀️ That laugh at 3:27 was the cutest!!!! Also this background reminds me of the ocean in BD part 1 lol Those commenting about her mistake she made years ago… just forget it! I still can’t believe people are talking about that. We’re humans we all make mistakes!? She was young back then too and she publicly apologized. Those that make the whole situation bigger, I always want to ask them if they haven’t done something similar in the past. It’s not fair how a celebrity’s ‘scandal’ gets all over on the internet and regular person’s affair or whatever doesn’t…. It’s ridiculous how some people are still dragging the story… haters will always be haters 😓

    BRETT WHITE2 days ago

    _Señora Stewartoso._ *Hola Mi Amore.* _I bought a platinum engagement ring I need you to look at. Wedding band too. Either it stays gangster on My pinkie._ *Or baby, it belongs to YOU.* _Gratzi,_ _Theodore Giovanni._ *TNCO Fashion King.*

  • Eddie
    Eddie3 days ago

    she’s hot af

  • hostile snowman
    hostile snowman3 days ago

    Lol she handled Twilight mania by cheating on Robert Pattinson with the director

  • nesseiht gnay
    nesseiht gnay3 days ago

    I loved her when she was like this

  • Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur
    Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur3 days ago

    Yo she still does that thing where she looks like she’s massaging her forehead and lifting her bangs and waving it from the back😂😂😂😂

  • heejoojinwooforever


    Day ago

    When did she do that lol

  • Daniel Lloyd
    Daniel Lloyd3 days ago

    Dang she should've played Yennefer in the Witcher series

  • Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname

    3 days ago

    @Peter S. Woldrich Kate Beckinsale should have been the go-to if we're honest

  • Peter S. Woldrich

    Peter S. Woldrich

    3 days ago

    Yeaaah... No. Sure, she could look the part very well, but she proved time after time that she is not a good actress. Yennefer is a very demanding part, otherwise she'd end up just being a basic rude bitch and I don't see Kristen could do it any justice.

  • dafreutmich
    dafreutmich3 days ago

    Secret of a good talk show host - you do more of the talking if the guest is not feeling comfortable …

  • AnAvengingAngel
    AnAvengingAngel3 days ago

    F anybody who thinks Twilight is weak,imo one of the best Vampire movie's in decades.

  • skykid
    skykid3 days ago

    hey its Kstew

  • Rich 101
    Rich 1015 days ago

    Kristen my Addiction ! Kristen fan tribute

  • La Monga
    La Monga5 days ago

    her hair look so dirty and oily

  • J Z
    J Z5 days ago

    She looks smoking hot here. Gorgeous dress that suits her to a tee.

    KILL DOZER5 days ago

    as boring and unlikeable as she is, she seems so fun and cool compared to Brie Larson LMAO

  • KHAOS 1
    KHAOS 16 days ago

    Good thing she doesn't do comedy she has not one comedic gene in her....

  • Melanie Barnes
    Melanie Barnes6 days ago

    DATME: -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  • Three Eyed Hendrix
    Three Eyed Hendrix6 days ago

    She was very attractive, shame she suddenly pretending to be a lesbian for Hollywood teenagers

  • Bhushan 14
    Bhushan 146 days ago

    She is amazing ❤️🔥 thanks for posting this for her fans 🙏❤️

  • Bolshevik Revolutionary
    Bolshevik Revolutionary7 days ago

    I wanna see a Twilight starring her as the vampire this time

  • Utkarsh Pandit
    Utkarsh Pandit7 days ago

    Conan behaves like such a simp

    IFLIMAT7 days ago

    Beautiful pale skin

  • Kimmania
    Kimmania7 days ago

    She looks well and healthy here. I hope she's doing great now.

  • Siamand Ali
    Siamand Ali8 days ago

    I can answer that. By cheating

  • nishyantha sritha
    nishyantha sritha8 days ago

    Is this new ?

  • Andy Duran
    Andy Duran8 days ago

    How does she have this tomboy vibe but so attractive at the same time

  • Hayley Jay
    Hayley Jay9 days ago

    She's so slow...Thanks God Conan save any interview

  • Forrest Bondurant
    Forrest Bondurant9 days ago

    Kristen Stewart 😍😍😍😍😍

  • frankinsane and myrrh
    frankinsane and myrrh9 days ago

    Ironically, she's the one who looked like a vampire in real life. In a cool way, I mean. She's very attractive.

  • satyam gupta

    satyam gupta

    2 days ago

    @frankinsane and myrrh u shouldn't care abt the internet.

  • frankinsane and myrrh

    frankinsane and myrrh

    2 days ago

    ​@satyam gupta it's easy to misunderstand things over the internet. the vampire comment alone could go either way.

  • satyam gupta

    satyam gupta

    3 days ago

    u don't need to explain your jokes/ statements .

  • Dre Bundy

    Dre Bundy

    7 days ago

    Agreed lol

  • L Jane

    L Jane

    7 days ago

    YES omg

  • youngarnold4
    youngarnold49 days ago

    She is super duper hot!

  • adamweishaupt81
    adamweishaupt819 days ago

    Very, very cute. Kristen looks good, too.

  • G Mac
    G Mac9 days ago

    I love the Personal Shopper walk-in closet scene!🙂

  • David Hoj
    David Hoj9 days ago

    NYC has that for everyone

  • Henry Sorrell
    Henry Sorrell9 days ago

    Pretty face 😍💖

  • Oliver Relph-Evans
    Oliver Relph-Evans9 days ago

    When your guest is so awkward and monosyllabic that you end up telling your own anecdote.

  • Helena Cp
    Helena Cp9 days ago

    FOLLOW ME !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  • Bruce Boucher
    Bruce Boucher10 days ago

    She was so beautiful back then .. she should bring back that style or look.. the short hair isn't a good look

  • heejoojinwooforever


    Day ago

    Agreed. She’s beautiful in any hairstyle! Just looks better with dark hair color and longer ;)

  • Sir Beerus
    Sir Beerus10 days ago

    Will ferrell needs to come back ang shave conan.

  • 03 AI
    03 AI10 days ago

    She's really cute, but when is she going to get better at acting?

  • Xploration
    Xploration10 days ago


  • Michael Holmgaard
    Michael Holmgaard10 days ago

    I hated Twilight back in the day, but I had such a crush on Kristen

  • Conscious Entity Sound
    Conscious Entity Sound10 days ago

    Who cares.

    MOHD NAM10 days ago


  • CD
    CD10 days ago

    She's always been cute. Too bad she likes taco instead of burrito. Hopefully Rob got a three way out of it.

  • Owen Smith
    Owen Smith10 days ago

    Shes so awkward

  • Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh
    Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh10 days ago

    anxiety is strong with this one.

  • maria rahel varnhagen
    maria rahel varnhagen10 days ago

    Easter Girls

  • maria rahel varnhagen

    maria rahel varnhagen

    10 days ago

    No Brains

  • shresth jain
    shresth jain10 days ago

    By cheating....

  • KB Vee
    KB Vee10 days ago

    Here for Conan

  • panzerdriver
    panzerdriver10 days ago

    She's an absolute swan.

  • HoodyKD
    HoodyKD10 days ago


  • Jose Veijanen
    Jose Veijanen10 days ago

    She is a trampire! - Will Ferrell

  • John
    John10 days ago

    To ever think there was a time when Kristen actually looked pretty good and was a bit interesting. She looks like a radical lesbian feminist today.

  • Simret Sekhon
    Simret Sekhon10 days ago

    I'm so happy team coco is continuing to put out content

  • 라면물조절장인
    라면물조절장인10 days ago

    she looks very nice 👍

  • Akshat Aggarwal
    Akshat Aggarwal11 days ago

    "she's a trampire!!"

  • Festivus
    Festivus11 days ago

    The perfect girl right there.

  • xclaw
    xclaw11 days ago

    It's so reassuring all the accounts from 2006 saying she's amazing. It's like no one actually watched this.

  • Amit Meena
    Amit Meena11 days ago

    She is hot af

  • bsfatboy
    bsfatboy11 days ago

    I watched it for the story about his mom and Kristen genuinely laughing at the story.

  • Nature Taco
    Nature Taco11 days ago

    I bet Jim Carrey just thanked Conan's mom and thought it was sweet. He's a softy like that.

  • Bringadingus


    10 days ago

    Ironic considering he's one of the biggest narcissists in Hollywood, and I've never seen him be empathetic to anyone. I bet he made multiple jokes at her expense.

  • Ian Strascina
    Ian Strascina11 days ago

    Nice stems!!

  • Azaz Zaza
    Azaz Zaza11 days ago

    She has an amazing body and those legssss

  • Jimmy 5450

    Jimmy 5450

    7 days ago

    Fantastic legs

  • Mark Leahy
    Mark Leahy11 days ago

    I love her shoes

  • Brittani Cunningham
    Brittani Cunningham11 days ago

    Who else is rewatching Twilight on Netflix now?

  • loveforeignaccents


    11 days ago

    Let me guess... you?

  • Jacob Dean
    Jacob Dean11 days ago

    She was good in Panic Room and On The Road... That's basically it

  • Christian Borromeo
    Christian Borromeo11 days ago

    wow this was 10 years ago

  • Johhny E
    Johhny E11 days ago

    Kristen Stewart makes me plump up down there, if you know what I mean..

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson11 days ago

    Every time I see her in an interview now I can only think of Anna Kendrick's impression of her. The hands in the hair is a constant reminder.

  • The Poolman
    The Poolman11 days ago

    She used to be so damn hot.

  • Lonely
    Lonely11 days ago

    the girl next door you wish

  • Mohsin
    Mohsin11 days ago

    People just forgot that she cheated on Robert Pattinson. She’s soooooo amazing.

  • City Hunter
    City Hunter11 days ago

    BRING oldschool Clueless Gamer BACK! "Dance Monke Dance!"

  • Roy Richardson Jr.
    Roy Richardson Jr.11 days ago

    So many haters in this thread. Imagine having major anxiety and being an introvert in front of millions of people. You'd probably be a bit stiff as well.

  • Krish Shautriya

    Krish Shautriya

    6 days ago

    @Jimmy 5450 I agree.

  • Jimmy 5450

    Jimmy 5450

    6 days ago

    @Krish Shautriya Not for everybody mate. Some people are that crippled by their anxiety that it will affect every part of their day, from their job to every single social aspect. Good on your brother that's great but that's not the case for everyone.

  • Krish Shautriya

    Krish Shautriya

    6 days ago

    @Jimmy 5450 No. Acting and talking to people are two very different things. My brother has a crippling social anxiety. But he doesn't feel nervous when he's on stage acting. Even his stammer goes away.

  • Jimmy 5450

    Jimmy 5450

    6 days ago

    @Krish Shautriya not exactly a profession suited for someone with crippling anxiety/shyness. Good on her.

  • Krish Shautriya

    Krish Shautriya

    6 days ago

    @Jimmy 5450 To act.

  • HRH
    HRH11 days ago

    God I do not want her to change how awkward and shy she is. It's SO attractive and endearing!

  • HRH


    10 days ago

    @Juliane Hirsch Haha

  • Juliane Hirsch

    Juliane Hirsch

    10 days ago

    And cringy

  • Rashmi Sivram
    Rashmi Sivram11 days ago

    Kristen you beauty💓💓💓

  • Penfold8
    Penfold811 days ago

    Kristen Stewart is such a terrible actress!

  • tiger Boy

    tiger Boy

    10 days ago

    She fine af though no cap

  • tiger Boy

    tiger Boy

    10 days ago

    Damn bruh chill

  • alanincentraljersey
    alanincentraljersey11 days ago

    Conan usually can get his guest a little more entertaining than this chick.

  • Leo
    Leo11 days ago

    I've never really seen her smile and I kinda like it.

  • Robert Parkreiner
    Robert Parkreiner11 days ago

    She always looked really good

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool11 days ago

    By mania, she means hate.

  • proxima p
    proxima p11 days ago

    Thats when she was beautiful... then she went all fem-nazi and looks like crap.. what a shame..

  • Loco Busters
    Loco Busters11 days ago

    Imagine if he made money off these youtube videos

  • TheOriginalGayman
    TheOriginalGayman11 days ago

    Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  • Henry Sorrell
    Henry Sorrell11 days ago

    She is so pretty 😍

  • Vincent Nacon

    Vincent Nacon

    9 days ago

    @NbAlIvEr100 ...and?

  • NbAlIvEr100


    9 days ago

    @Vincent Nacon This video is like 10 years old.

  • Vincent Nacon

    Vincent Nacon

    10 days ago

    @NbAlIvEr100 ...and?

  • NbAlIvEr100


    10 days ago

    @Vincent Nacon I'm a dude yo

  • Vincent Nacon

    Vincent Nacon

    11 days ago

    @NbAlIvEr100 This is how people will know you're jealous of her.

  • M S
    M S11 days ago

    The same way she acts. Like a stick in the mud obviously

  • Stevie J. Envy
    Stevie J. Envy11 days ago

    She looks soo pretty here 😍❤️

  • Mikayel N
    Mikayel N11 days ago

    By cheating on R. Pattinson

  • Visulite
    Visulite11 days ago

    Can we all pause here "2:15" and just take a minute to realize how big Conan looks and how small Kristen looks compared to him LOL??

  • heejoojinwooforever


    Day ago

    Lol I noticed that too and if I was there I would look like an ant because I’m only 5’2 🤷🏻‍♀️😮‍💨

  • Gravy Jones
    Gravy Jones11 days ago

    She has so many little ticks. Definitely anxiety in there.

  • heejoojinwooforever


    Day ago

    @Jugg91 she loves to act. That’s her profession. It doesn’t matter if you are extremely shy and an introvert. She can be like this in interviews… but that’s just her. She doesn’t hide it and that’s what I love about her. This interview was like so many years ago. If you look at her recent ones she talks so differently and seems to be more confident :)

  • heejoojinwooforever


    Day ago

    This is why she is one of my fav American actress… she’s so herself and I have anxiety too so when I first saw her way back in like 2005 and watched her in interviews she resembled myself lol I think she’s an INTP too. When you see her recent interviews though (late 20s) she talks more comfortably and doesn’t seem to be as nervous as she was in her late teens and early 20s. I think from all the fame and experience she had over the years she doesn’t seem to be anxious anymore. I look up to her a lot

  • Leo


    Day ago

    @Jugg91 It could be the case that representing characters other than herself is one of the few ways she feels comfortable as a coping mechanism. Many actors and actresses who suffer from bad anxiety have stated that in the past. Anxiety doesn't work the same way for everyone.

  • Jugg91


    Day ago

    With so much anxiety like that, she should never enter movie business then, she only punish, herself, she is a bit fake to me.

  • Leo


    8 days ago

    @The Anarchy Small involuntary things you do when you're nervous. Like restless leg syndrome.

  • ~SAM~
    ~SAM~11 days ago

    Wow my crush😍🥰

  • Pontius888
    Pontius88811 days ago

    She's so beautiful

  • Matt Media
    Matt Media11 days ago

    Oh she has torso. Sorry I wasn't paying attention.

  • Matheus BR
    Matheus BR11 days ago

    Algum brasileiro aqui ???

  • Matheus BR

    Matheus BR

    7 days ago

    @Lenio Barcelos Sim Kkkkkkkk 😂🤣😆😆😅😅😅🙈🙈🙈❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗 !!!

  • Lenio Barcelos

    Lenio Barcelos

    7 days ago

    Eu sou Português. Quase a mesma coisa, não? Nós somos primos.

  • William Smith
    William Smith11 days ago

    She is so good looking and seem so cool to hang with.

  • Jonathan Pontel

    Jonathan Pontel

    11 days ago

    @Woozlewuzzleable LMAO

  • Woozlewuzzleable


    11 days ago

    @Jonathan Pontel Yeah, she looks like Betty Whites sister now.

  • Jonathan Pontel

    Jonathan Pontel

    11 days ago

    This was 10 years ago dude lol

  • Sci-fi Freak
    Sci-fi Freak11 days ago

    She was terrible in the twilight movies but I do hope she gets future roles.

  • razmik simonyan
    razmik simonyan11 days ago

    Who could imagine that she was a lesbian? I myself was attracted to her, I wanted to find an unusual girl like her....

  • rj


    9 days ago

    I'm pretty sure she's bi. Not thats any of my beeswax but I've seen some raunchy pics of her having affair

  • BTF
    BTF11 days ago

    with the same emotion she conveys in all her roles..

  • nokiahmotorz01
    nokiahmotorz0111 days ago

    I was around 13 when Twilight became a huge thing but wasn't part of the hype. I remember her getting so much hate for being "emotionless" and being the butt of so many jokes but seeing this I have no idea what they were talking about. Seems like she's always been a nice person EDIT: I'm talking about hate for her as a person, that didn't seem to be directed at her acting

  • Abaddon the Cat and Sevilla the Dog

    Abaddon the Cat and Sevilla the Dog

    10 days ago

    @Grey D How so? Pretty sure most of the hate came from other women. Internalized misogyny then? Lol

  • Grey D

    Grey D

    10 days ago

    @TheAkrillion I'm not denying that her role was awkward, but a lot of the hate she received was focused on the franchise's success among teen girls. The same thing happened with Justin Bieber, One Direction, and nearly anything that girls enjoyed in the early 2010s. It is rooted in misogyny.

  • Sahej


    11 days ago

    It always happens when girls like the guy… I hope that changes cause it’s not necessary to hate on others. Anyway she carried the movie

  • TheAkrillion


    11 days ago

    @Grey D Ah yes, of course. Stiff acting caused people to say that Kristen shows no emotions when acting and your response? "mIsOGyNy"

  • Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell

    11 days ago

    Her acting was really, really bad except when she was in pain lmao

  • arbknight12
    arbknight1211 days ago

    Look up ‘Rifftrax Twilight’ I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed

  • Tommyr
    Tommyr11 days ago