How John Singleton's Childhood Inspired "Boyz n the Hood" - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

(Original airdate: 01/04/95) Writer/director John Singleton discusses attending film school at USC and his movie "Higher Learning." Plus, John shares how his adolescence inspired "Boyz N the Hood."

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  • Julianna Beckman
    Julianna Beckman16 days ago

    It always blows me away when Encino is referenced as if it's the hills of Beverly or something It's next door to Reseda I went to Reseda High continuation My brother went to Reseda High and then lived with his friend's family in South Central during The riots My brother is a redhead Takes all kinds I guess you could say

  • maria rahel varnhagen
    maria rahel varnhagen17 days ago

    Nobody ever won comedy with Volition before, Trophy

  • maria rahel varnhagen

    maria rahel varnhagen

    17 days ago


  • Feris Yunos
    Feris Yunos17 days ago

    Uploaded on the 30th Anniversary of Boyz N The Hood release date. Well-played Team Coco. Well-played!

  • dominion arts
    dominion arts17 days ago

    Rest peacefully John. You will be missed greatly.

  • A 90s kid
    A 90s kid17 days ago

    great interview, feels like a podcast. NOW MAKE HIM PLAY A FUNNY GAME

  • Nija Benin
    Nija Benin17 days ago

    John Singleton had alot of unfinished business and stories to tell.

  • kauzyperda
    kauzyperda18 days ago

    great talk

  • Los Definitely
    Los Definitely18 days ago

    RIP to a legend. Conan a beast as usual.

  • Nikola Sekuloski
    Nikola Sekuloski18 days ago

    95 was long time ago

  • Apollo For a Better Future
    Apollo For a Better Future18 days ago

    "America's becoming more fascist" Jesus. Very prescient comment

  • Hannibal Burgers

    Hannibal Burgers

    15 days ago

    @Hannibal B you never had the makings of a varsity empiric, namesake.

  • Hannibal B

    Hannibal B

    15 days ago

    @Hannibal Burgers is this supposed to be coherent?

  • Hannibal Burgers

    Hannibal Burgers

    15 days ago

    >fAsChIsT fell for the meme

  • Hannibal B

    Hannibal B

    17 days ago

    @dielawn >Yet, Liberals are now doing what the Conservatives were doing in the 90's They are? Such as? Democrats in America are firmly centrist. It's not our fault republicans have moved much, much further right than they were even in the 90s. In the 90s someone like Liz Cheney was the most hardline conservative republican you could find. Now she is getting cancelled by the republican party for not bowing down to trumper orthodoxy.

  • dielawn


    17 days ago

    @Chad Chadwick Yet, Liberals are now doing what the Conservatives were doing in the 90's. Yet, somehow it was just conservatives? Kinda funny how people think only one side of the two party system is fascist lol.

  • kingman2332
    kingman233218 days ago

    Not even a minute into it and he's talking about America becoming a fascist country... in 1995. I wonder why this clip was posted?

  • علی عظیمی
    علی عظیمی18 days ago

    This is how Beckett looks now 😂

  • Jamison Sims
    Jamison Sims18 days ago

    Damn, ima miss Conan. Truly hate that I never got to see him live....😔🤧

  • Demi Constantine

    Demi Constantine

    9 days ago


  • Gary Liao
    Gary Liao18 days ago

    if you think boyz in the hood is menace2society...

  • yellow117n


    18 days ago

    That was a real honest movie about the “gangsta lifestyle”. Also the parody movie by the Marlon brothers called “don’t be a menace to society while your sipping juice in the hood” was also pretty good for obviously different reasons.

  • Richie Cuna
    Richie Cuna18 days ago

    im going to the store anyways

  • Dulles Perez
    Dulles Perez18 days ago

    The man

  • Rob _
    Rob _18 days ago

    I love how Conan always had amazing taste in his guests. He highlighted great art and voices over the years.

  • Dark Link
    Dark Link18 days ago

    Too bad show me the money guy is an ass grabbing douche

  • Ivan Ringle
    Ivan Ringle18 days ago

    I like how they’re still posting videos.

  • PrimeTimeJprime
    PrimeTimeJprime18 days ago

    I've been watching this and so many great Conan clips now that they've been made them all available in Canada

  • Jeremy Grein
    Jeremy Grein18 days ago

    Ahead of his time about fascism.

  • Demi Constantine

    Demi Constantine

    9 days ago

    @Gravy Jones what?

  • Gravy Jones

    Gravy Jones

    12 days ago

    When you deny your own races problems and just blame fascism or white people, you're the problem

  • gladitsnotme


    17 days ago

    No, he was right on time, the rest of yall are just always LATE

  • Patreeko theArtist

    Patreeko theArtist

    18 days ago

    Not really... it was getting started then. I guess that is about the time that the zealots started realizing America was never going to go back to the 50s.

  • moe b
    moe b18 days ago

    The first part of interview was about the movie "Higher Learning" just in case people don't know

  • Jae TiNoe Tapia

    Jae TiNoe Tapia

    12 days ago

    I myself was thinking they put the wrong movie title

  • Kris Ring
    Kris Ring18 days ago

    RIP John Singleton taken way too soon.

  • Mister Master  D.
    Mister Master D.18 days ago

    Rest in peace

  • Daniel J. Araya

    Daniel J. Araya

    6 days ago

    @Mister Master D. My too, brother. Huge TON fan here too. Such an amazing artist.

  • Mister Master  D.

    Mister Master D.

    18 days ago

    @Daniel J. Araya well I was talking about John Singleton but Hell Yes losing Peter was such an extremely heavy loss that saddens me Greatly, Daily. Always happy when somebody else mentions Peter and TON as a whole so Right On brother! 🤘💚🤘 Stay Negative!

  • Daniel J. Araya

    Daniel J. Araya

    18 days ago

    Who, Peter Steele? Yes, he's greatly missed. Also John Singleton.

  • Sally Jacquelynn
    Sally Jacquelynn18 days ago


  • The Batman
    The Batman18 days ago


  • Daniel J. Araya
    Daniel J. Araya18 days ago

    It's so refreshing to see a TV host not interrumpting the guest on a serious interview. This Conan guy, has a great future ahead.

  • Joshua Loreto

    Joshua Loreto

    18 days ago

    haha this is a truther. I know he has the podcast now, but there's something important of seeing a late-night host on television not interrupting their guest explaining or telling a story.

  • Daniel J. Araya

    Daniel J. Araya

    18 days ago

    @Scruff D0g he is, and will always be.

  • Scruff D0g

    Scruff D0g

    18 days ago

    I Know Right, Conan is the GOAT.

  • peetie5000
    peetie500018 days ago

    Please with God as my witness I will not stop harassing you to post looking for Grady. Truly one of the most awesome pieces of Comedy ever produced

  • XxX360_No_Scope_Lone_Wolf_SniperXxX


    18 days ago This one?

  • Marcjames Whelan
    Marcjames Whelan18 days ago

    What a man

  • Average
    Average18 days ago

    I'm really going to miss Conan

  • Average


    17 days ago

    @Lord Monty True

  • pahwraith


    18 days ago

    @Witch Hunt its worth it tho.

  • Lord Monty

    Lord Monty

    18 days ago

    Yes. We've all grown accustomed to clips from this era being "retro Conan," but now...his entire Late Night / Tonight Show / TBS history is retro. But, you know, his podcast keeps kicking ass, and I look forward to him doing new stuff / breaking the format.

  • Gabriel Soria

    Gabriel Soria

    18 days ago

    Conan needs a friend

  • Witch Hunt

    Witch Hunt

    18 days ago

    Where ya gotta pay$ 15 or whatever

  • Kennedy the Charming
    Kennedy the Charming18 days ago

    Beautiful Interview Conan!

  • bapo noi
    bapo noi18 days ago


  • taylor860gang


    18 days ago