(Original airdate: 07/18/18) Conan kicks off his fourth year at Comic-Con® by celebrating the 10th anniversary of the premiere of one of the greatest shows in television history, "Breaking Bad."

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  • Mich Mich
    Mich Mich16 hours ago

    The woman on the right sounds so annoying i had to skip all her parts during the serie and in this vid too

  • K P
    K P2 days ago

    Every pray for Bob Odenkirk ! He just got hurt on set if Better Call Saul

  • Noobles_17
    Noobles_172 days ago

    This is 3 years old why is this just getting uploaded?

  • Adithya Oasis
    Adithya Oasis2 days ago

    Never expect that Witcher 3 reference at 7:35 wow

  • Kamil Staruch
    Kamil Staruch3 days ago

    I like that everyoe got a question

  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders4 days ago

    Vince Gilligan reminds me of NBA coach, Mike D'Antoni (and they're both from the Virginias)

  • Lord fartamor
    Lord fartamor6 days ago


  • Zohaib A
    Zohaib A7 days ago

    I never saw this interview until now! Breaking Bad is one of the greatest shows of all time.

  • Rey Gregory Santos
    Rey Gregory Santos9 days ago

    @2:03 This reminded me of the Malcolm in the Middle scene they shot of Hal actually waking up. It was hilarious lol.

  • mwpuneetg
    mwpuneetg10 days ago

    This panel is incomplete without Mike...period

  • Kadimus Baratheon

    Kadimus Baratheon

    4 days ago


  • WET PAINT'er
    WET PAINT'er11 days ago

    Lisa Kudrow, Jeff Garlin and Dean Norris. Best laugh in the biz!

  • Dimitri Hidalgo
    Dimitri Hidalgo11 days ago

    I just finished watching it for the first time

  • Tyler Markabb
    Tyler Markabb11 days ago

    That Hank laugh 😂😂 0:28

  • Lord Stinson

    Lord Stinson

    5 days ago

    I was trying to remember where I'd heard that laugh before, didn't notice, while watching, it was Hank's iconic laugh.

  • sato88888888
    sato8888888811 days ago

    Where's Huell

  • Jim Jam
    Jim Jam11 days ago

    old videos = new money

  • JamMasterJB
    JamMasterJB11 days ago

    Conan, the only master interviewer capable of interviewing 9 people at once without it turning into a hot mess.

  • John Enosh
    John Enosh12 days ago

    Totally agree with Betsy. I too felt it was such a comedy series in many places. Dark comedy at its best!

  • thunderWolf
    thunderWolf12 days ago

    Bryan Cranston has the biggest BDE of any man alive.

  • Joshua Peng
    Joshua Peng12 days ago

    Everything I need, Andy, Breaking Bad and Conan.

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay12 days ago

    Where is Mike Ehrmantraut?

  • FreezyPenguin
    FreezyPenguin12 days ago

    Still the best TV show ever made.

  • Vince Vanlandeghem
    Vince Vanlandeghem12 days ago

    truly the perfect show

  • d B
    d B12 days ago

    73rd comment 😂 I didn't know this was dropping today

  • Rob _
    Rob _12 days ago

    Andy is a sniper. It’s like he has comedic clairvoyance with his 1-liners.

  • Erick Chicas
    Erick Chicas12 days ago

    Skyler being Skyler at 10:21 lol

  • Kimmel Jimmy
    Kimmel Jimmy12 days ago

    Giancarlo Esposito look like‘a good person , love him performed in bb

  • Vikas Wadhwa
    Vikas Wadhwa12 days ago

    I miss Conan & Breaking Bad 😭

  • Annejoa J
    Annejoa J12 days ago

    Why is Aaron constantly touching the back of Conan's chair haha

  • Crowne Pri

    Crowne Pri

    10 days ago

    Lol chairs look maad sus, maybe he's holding himself up

  • B Bennett
    B Bennett12 days ago

    I think I saw 1.5 episodes of BB and was instantly annoyed by all the bad acting and the stupid story and never saw another second. Cranston is a hack. Don't believe me, watch him in that terrible Godzilla movie he was in. Hackery. I did not believe one second of his "tough guy drug dealer" act when I saw those stupid clips either. Overrated crap.

  • Deane Karlo Tabasa

    Deane Karlo Tabasa

    11 days ago

    Oooooohhh such angst!

  • MrCarpio


    12 days ago

    1.5 episodes? wtf dude

  • Arvin Buenaagua
    Arvin Buenaagua12 days ago

    Walt Jr.'s method.

  • savysaviour
    savysaviour12 days ago

    I love this cast and show so much

  • Method Atlas
    Method Atlas12 days ago


  • Suraj Singh
    Suraj Singh12 days ago

    Man can't wait for Better call Saul Finale . Bob sounds and looks so pure. I hope he is actually like this in reality.

  • dazkptl
    dazkptl12 days ago

    "Once you get killed you don't get paid anymore": that's a sad fact for Gale Boetticher, who was in more scenes after he died than when was alive.

    ROOZTER thaKLOWN12 days ago


  • Xploration
    Xploration12 days ago


  • Miloo
    Miloo12 days ago

    I like that Aaron Paul is taking responsibility at 10:31 about that #MeToo joke!

  • G B
    G B12 days ago

    Jimmy still talks like a lawyer with all the gestures off the screen lol

  • Gray Mars
    Gray Mars12 days ago

    Never watched breaking bad. I guess it’s time to do it. I’ll start tonight. Thanks for the upload Team CoCo. Tell Conan I said Hi 👋 😀

  • Tomasz Nowak
    Tomasz Nowak12 days ago

    Hank Xena 4:15 😂😂😂🥳🤡

  • Mark McGowan
    Mark McGowan12 days ago

    I still believe Walter white lived. He got medical care very quickly.

  • BreezingBy


    12 days ago

    X Doubt

  • Ned Danson
    Ned Danson12 days ago

    Skylar annoying as hell even in the interview

  • alice L
    alice L12 days ago

    Damn it. Came here for my daily Conan fix but can't watch this because I never saw breaking bad and do still plan on binge watching it all at some stage, I don't want to hear the spoilers!

  • BreezingBy


    12 days ago

    Better get binging

  • flamendless
    flamendless12 days ago

    To that cameraman that shouted it. Thank you!

  • Niles Guy
    Niles Guy12 days ago

    It took me over a decade to watch it since I use my summer vacations to binge watch old hits. This is the summer I’m watching breaking bad and holy smokes am I hooked. All the characters are so amazing even Wendy & RIP Combo 😂. I’m on season 4 right now and can’t wait to find out what happens. I hope Saul and Walters boss get a sequel

  • BS


    5 days ago

    Watch the movie first then BCS

  • EEuphoria


    10 days ago

    Better call saul watch it after

  • Doug McBoat

    Doug McBoat

    12 days ago

    Make sure you watch Better Call Saul inmediately after Breaking Bad. It's a prequel but it's just as good and most of the big characters come back. The last season comes out next year so you'll be primed for it too. Better Call Saul really is just as sublime though. They nailed it

  • wolverineiscool


    12 days ago

    Walter Jr kills Aaron Paul

  • Jose Manuel Ruiz
    Jose Manuel Ruiz12 days ago

    All the actors and actresses are first class but the real mastermind is the creator. You really have to be a genius to put something so excellent together.

  • idkAlan
    idkAlan12 days ago

    Here's hoping they add more full segments the ConanCon remotes

  • flamendless
    flamendless12 days ago

    Bob odenkirk is really funny.

  • R-Valer
    R-Valer12 days ago

    One of them is sussy baka

  • Alec Hurt

    Alec Hurt

    12 days ago

    I dunno Walt.... you been seeming kinda sus lately...

  • peetie5000
    peetie500012 days ago

    Once, twice, three times a GRADY.

  • Doonster
    Doonster12 days ago

    I just watched the other interview with the cast the other day!! The cast of the greatest show with the greatest host !

  • HarveyNuna
    HarveyNuna12 days ago

    This was the first TV show I ever seriously invested myself into. Now because of Vince's incredible writing I am chasing the dragon with new shows I partake in watching

  • Barry Lyndon
    Barry Lyndon12 days ago

    I got heisenberg sweatbands from hastings before they went bankrupt... bob odenkirk boss... gus fring amazing... better call saul lalo salaomanca genius

  • Daniel J. Araya
    Daniel J. Araya12 days ago

    The shows ends and Conan still continues giving us joy. This a world worth living in.

  • Mrin Moy
    Mrin Moy12 days ago

    Re-Upload for more views.. You're GOD DAMN RIGHT!

  • Marcus Lee
    Marcus Lee12 days ago

    It’s Hank playing the actor Dean

  • Comical Realm Animations
    Comical Realm Animations12 days ago

    Vince Gilligan take a bow what an incredible show. I can't name one thing bad about this show, it's a work of pure art.

  • kaligisee


    11 days ago

    One bad thing is that they wasted that pizza

  • Mikey Sexton

    Mikey Sexton

    12 days ago

    its perfection

  • Justin Opperman
    Justin Opperman12 days ago

    Duck gtw, breaking bad is the goat

  • Don't click
    Don't click12 days ago

    '"I love it when the notification shows up, "Someone liked your comment" and "you have a new subscriber....

  • Uncle Berry
    Uncle Berry12 days ago


  • Ben Tabbner
    Ben Tabbner12 days ago

    Sussy bakas

  • Rishu Kumar Singh
    Rishu Kumar Singh12 days ago

    Damn.. I yesterday searched for this, bt didn't get the whole video on USplan and now conan made my day.

  • Bzake
    Bzake12 days ago

    After such a long ass time… we finally get the full Comic Con interviews. Please post the Game of Thrones and Suicide Squad one

  • BreezingBy


    8 days ago

    @Haroon Shareef still pretty sure it’s bad, but okay then

  • Haroon Shareef

    Haroon Shareef

    8 days ago

    @BreezingBy #ReleasetheAyerCut

  • BreezingBy


    12 days ago

    Oh the Suicide Squad movie that could’ve been

  • Comical Realm Animations
    Comical Realm Animations12 days ago

    This show Rocks, I mean minerals!

  • Michael Hazel

    Michael Hazel

    12 days ago

    I love you lol

  • Jess Radford-Proctor

    Jess Radford-Proctor

    12 days ago

    Jesus, Marie!

  • YeeSoest


    12 days ago


  • alice jones
    alice jones12 days ago

    “Sounds like Cranston needs work” 😂😂😂 Andy Richter strikes again

  • wolverineiscool


    12 days ago

    Andy Ritcher the german pros...strikes again!

  • Keven Lenger

    Keven Lenger

    12 days ago

    His comedic timing with his comments are always on point.

  • DrCrayRay
    DrCrayRay12 days ago

    I thought this video was about Breaking Bucks for some reason

  • Shashwat Singh
    Shashwat Singh12 days ago

    The Best

  • Nicole Freeman
    Nicole Freeman12 days ago


  • Ff Tg

    Ff Tg

    10 days ago

    girl u single? cuz i am

  • Clueless Valkyrie88
    Clueless Valkyrie8812 days ago

    But mr white I high xdddddzs

  • sharathkumar26
    sharathkumar2612 days ago

    Hope conan still continues to do comic con..it was entertaining...

  • Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan12 days ago

    Popular Opinion: Every single one of ya'll agrees that CONAN made our Day:

  • Oswado208


    12 days ago




    12 days ago

    @Christina H but....BUTTTTTT HES GONNA BE ON HBO!!! I may get hbo just to watch him!



    12 days ago

    I do concur...he’s made many of my days for a long time



    12 days ago

    @Christina H me too...been watching him since I was 8 and I’m 29...I’m also the only person that I know irl that watches him:/ but that’s cause I live in shitty Arkansas

  • Christina H

    Christina H

    12 days ago

    I feel like a little depressed without him

  • Uptoyou
    Uptoyou12 days ago


  • MSA
    MSA12 days ago