Conan Reflects On The End Of His Late Night Talk Show l Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend

Sona confirms once and for all that neither of her sons will be named after Conan. Plus, Conan wonders if he’s blocking emotions about the end of his late night television show. Hear more from this episode @

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Deeper, unboundedly playful, and free from FCC regulations, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is a weekly opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way. Watch highlights of Conan, Sona Movsesian and Matt Gourley chatting with celebrities and meeting fans, along with special segments like “Review the Reviewers” and “Big Dick History.”

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Conan Reflects On The End Of His Late Night Talk Show | Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend


  • johnako
    johnako6 hours ago

    Are the twins’ names Coco and Gorley? 😅

  • The Cult Machine
    The Cult Machine15 hours ago

    "I'm just going to watch one video of Conan" said nobody ever.

  • Bake xPerimente
    Bake xPerimenteDay ago

    localised pregnancy

  • J
    JDay ago

    His legacy is also the people he had met and touched. Seeing the remotes is fantastic and the podcasts got me through the pandemic.

  • J
    JDay ago


  • skfoxjrxzz
    skfoxjrxzz4 days ago

    Why is Conan leaving and Ellen is staying. YOU SHOULD START A PODCAST.

  • Sbeve
    Sbeve4 days ago

    Damn man Pauly shore looking wild these days!

  • Su Phar
    Su Phar6 days ago

    Conan makes me happy.

  • Adam Burris
    Adam Burris6 days ago

    conan's look here is like the offspring of Rachel Maddow and Joe Scarborough

  • Darren Gladstone
    Darren Gladstone6 days ago

    Conan is so excited about these twins it's awesome.

  • Travis Cooper
    Travis Cooper7 days ago

    I was just telling someone to hit youtube and see the masterbating bear! You definitely have a legacy.

  • Travis Cooper
    Travis Cooper7 days ago

    You do have a legacy. Your comedy was our comedy. We enjoyed it immensely.

  • Tobe Doss
    Tobe Doss7 days ago

    Oh hi Matt. Nice to finally meet you

  • Sgt. Giggs
    Sgt. Giggs7 days ago

    I just listened to this whole exchange on the podcast. I loved how Conan for a split second starts to feel real emotion and then has to go on a 5-minute comedy rant about his dad getting beaten to death regularly to cope! 😂🤣😭 #IrishCatholic #feelings #thisiswhydovescry

  • aaronsafilmnerd
    aaronsafilmnerd7 days ago

    Which episode is this from????

  • Vivek Vivi
    Vivek Vivi8 days ago

    Conan should start a Podcast. People may die laughing

  • ChefJeff854
    ChefJeff8548 days ago

    still hate leno's guts. conan is inf better than fallon

    DONNIE GRANDE8 days ago

    Feel sorry for the ones left behind! It is what it is!

  • Tony Crenshaw
    Tony Crenshaw8 days ago

    FOMOOAR, fear of missing out on a reference. Yeah, I have that. And I also learned the meaning of FOMO fairly late. I guess I have that in common with Conan. I feel better about myself now. :D

  • BattleAngelFan
    BattleAngelFan8 days ago

    Conan's huge body of work, compensating for his body which is neither huge nor good for doing work (he's said these things many times, I'm just playing along). One of the funniest guys on earth though. Looking forward to his next thing.

  • Claus Juergen Walde
    Claus Juergen Walde9 days ago

    Conan has held up best from his contemporaries./current crop. The sheer amount of creativity coming through seasons is never ending.

  • 31711ying
    31711ying9 days ago

    is there any chance that there is a link between sona's upcoming babies and conan close his show ?

  • lander seven
    lander seven9 days ago

    I went to a late night with conan taping in 1999, I hope I get the chance to attend something like that in the future with him

  • Alex Monteverde
    Alex Monteverde9 days ago

    is conan a crip? wtf is up with the blue bandana lol

  • Luis Sabathie
    Luis Sabathie9 days ago

    Conan with his Jeff Goldblumy eyeglasses.

  • Vaerah
    Vaerah9 days ago

    Grats, Sona! You'll be a great mother to two hilarious boys.

  • Michael Jacksin
    Michael Jacksin10 days ago

    jomo is my new mantra

  • Ron C
    Ron C10 days ago

    Like if you completely ditched TV for youtube and/or other streaming services. YT is the best thing since sliced bread/cheese because you can watch anything anybody uploads whenever/wherever and/or earn a living/side hussle. I was a 90s kid. So currently working 30+ hr/wk with medical, dental, vision, 401k, it's impossible to catch my favorite shows on cable nowadays. Plus, it's probably expensive, too. But that's the evolution of media these days. Just gotta find what suits our lifestyle.

  • ASMR People
    ASMR People10 days ago

    You act as if you're retiring. You're moving from a dead medium to a more relevant one. I always laugh when you joke about your skills with technology yet time and time again you're years ahead of your time at least in terms of your peers. Fallon isn't starting a podcast, he has less views on his YT channel in which he owns none of I'm sure. To be honest when it's all said & done you'll have actually made more money for being canned by nbc.

  • .m.
    .m.10 days ago

    I haven’t watched tv in years. Prolly since 2011

  • WaffleBrothel77
    WaffleBrothel7710 days ago

    00:30 she’s pregnant so hard

  • Doorhenge
    Doorhenge10 days ago

    Have to say as far as comedian/writers, no one has made me laugh as much then Conan. The Simpsons was never the powerhouse it was when he left as head writer. His is the only talk show I'll watch as only a writer who wants to make his audience have a good time can make it that good. I just felt the desire to say something, here at the end of the road. On HBO he'll get to see the world but he'll never get the extensive conversations where he can get as like he used to, but I'm sure it'll be fun.

  • Laboratório 2000
    Laboratório 200010 days ago

    You're the best, man!

  • Sean Shank
    Sean Shank10 days ago

    '' there's no reason you can't take the bus '' lmfao Conan is amazing but he really is a lunatic lolololol gotta be a top 3 celebrity

  • X X
    X X10 days ago

    I love conan but he can be a frustrating interviewer because sometime a guest will be working to a point and he will interrupt it. Sometimes for the better but he did it here at 7:37 and I was genuinely interested in what sona was going to say.

  • Greg Zapf
    Greg Zapf10 days ago

    Conan, you are an amazing man. Brilliant, hilarious, generous, and kind, we are all so enriched by your influence and your career. I can't wait to see what happens next!

  • Rebecca O'Sullivan
    Rebecca O'Sullivan10 days ago

    How has Sona not had those babies yet? Also, she looks good to be about 10 and a half months pregnant with twins.

  • Omer Aamir Shah
    Omer Aamir Shah10 days ago

    sona has one of the most beloved American celeb's most endearing facial feature .... steve carell's nose !!! LOL

  • Non-conformist NWO
    Non-conformist NWO10 days ago

    Now he goes from clown to intellectual, got flushed out of the system after being the clown of the regime for long time. Enjoy your retirement after not doing nothing but distracting the Sheeeple from their real issues that matters. Trivia and useless

  • Kanishka Dash
    Kanishka Dash10 days ago

    I like the fact that none of the twins'names is Conan. Conan has absolutely no competition. Love this man for what he is.

  • pmor4272
    pmor427210 days ago

    Irish Catholics: was that an emotion? NO. No, that was just gas. Me, an Irish Catholic: Oh, God I’m going to miss Conan so much. Nope, he’s just a red headed gas factory

  • Ahmad Tariq
    Ahmad Tariq10 days ago

    Why does the quality looks like it was recorded on a potato

  • Karan Gera
    Karan Gera10 days ago

    You're my inspiration, Conan. The Greatest. Even over Letterman and Carson for me. I'd tie Craig with you but for completely different reasons.

  • Karan Gera
    Karan Gera10 days ago

    I'm sad that one of the boys won't be named Conan

  • jackie wong
    jackie wong11 days ago

    Which podcast episode is this from?

  • Yamsi Atem
    Yamsi Atem11 days ago

    Is it safe to say that Jordan Schlansky is finally dead!?

  • Yamsi Atem
    Yamsi Atem11 days ago

    I think Conan is a comedic genious genuinely #1 his personality radiates what I want to see Conan the Great

  • Patrick Manion
    Patrick Manion11 days ago

    Looking forward to the births of little Andy and little Richter!

  • Hussien Alsafi
    Hussien Alsafi11 days ago


  • P P
    P P11 days ago

    “It’s okay I don’t need the competition, don’t need another Conan Gray out there”

  • Sarah Duffield
    Sarah Duffield11 days ago

    Reject them all, pick me, I'll babysit the boys!

  • Jithin Jacob
    Jithin Jacob11 days ago

    Sona actually did look like she lost weight. Her face has slimmed down a lot.

  • Nate
    Nate11 days ago

    All I ever want to do now is play basketball with THE PHANTOM.

  • Delight Loves Movies
    Delight Loves Movies11 days ago

    Haha Conan is always so sweet and kind...And funny.

  • Steve Ingrassio
    Steve Ingrassio11 days ago

    I love Sona!

  • abhimanyu
    abhimanyu11 days ago

    Why is the video quality bad on every single upload?

  • Melinda Saddler
    Melinda Saddler11 days ago

    Congratulations Sona on the two little peanuts!👶🏻👶🏻 And Conan, your nipples were mentioned at my doctors appointment today, so thank😆

  • alfonso santos
    alfonso santos11 days ago

    Conan is a creep?

  • jujitsujew23
    jujitsujew2311 days ago

    Conan! What happened to your trip to India? I just watched the Haiti Q&A from 3 years ago where you said you were going to India "incredibly soon" but it seems that trip must have been canceled. What happened? Was it COVID or were you planning to go in 2019?

  • Stellar J
    Stellar J11 days ago

    Is that the producer or Max wineberg? Conan you and Andy should guest star (take over) the bomb hole Snowboard podcast on USplan for an episode / a bit. Check them out stoney budz and grendiesel are legendary!!! Bombhole podcast USplan

  • Paul Langland
    Paul Langland11 days ago

    TBH Conan is probably the last true late night talk show host of an era. He's seems to be the last remnants of what Johnny Carson started and what others like David Letterman and *sigh* Jay Leno*sigh* also did. It just feels like the other talk show hosts don't have that magic that Conan has. Conan is genuinely funny and it's a shame that NBC couldn't see that.

  • Phil T
    Phil T11 days ago

    Not like there's still Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Fallon Seth Meyers Stephen Colbert and that British guy

  • Carlos
    Carlos11 days ago

    I really thought he was going to open with what he really feels and the he went to other direction with a joke. As Sona said to the HR woman, he avoids this things with a joke.

  • Mohammed KJ
    Mohammed KJ11 days ago

    Why she looks thinner 😅

  • Arakel Zakaryan
    Arakel Zakaryan11 days ago

    Dear Conan whey you sad or depressed, do what I do l just witch more Conan!

  • sixstringman
    sixstringman11 days ago

    Why does Conan look like a lonely middle aged lesbian NPR host?

  • Ayanjit
    Ayanjit11 days ago

    Why did conan quit late night? I really loved him. And I am watching his clips when I am in a lockdown during the pandemic

  • Chuck Manson
    Chuck Manson11 days ago

    Conan and Sona definitely smashed at least once. I can tell.

  • Landon Miles
    Landon Miles11 days ago

    I think this is from the Weird Al episode. I could be wrong.

  • ElProbeMigué
    ElProbeMigué11 days ago

    I miss Matt's beard, it was majestic.

  • Anders Persson
    Anders Persson11 days ago

    I think their names should be... Conan & Brian.

  • Joonas
    Joonas11 days ago

    Conan: "I'll give you the money for the bus, and you can pay me back"

  • afro symphony
    afro symphony11 days ago

    About the dog puppet...what happened to TRIMPH!!!!

  • Kane
    Kane11 days ago

    Sona is probably screaming right now

  • A Bear
    A Bear11 days ago

    Is Sona unemployed now???????????????????????????????

  • Moe Ezy
    Moe Ezy11 days ago

    Conan O'Brien da Loc I see you Cripp!!!

  • Liam Lennon
    Liam Lennon11 days ago

    I guess having people who wanted to work with you for such a long time is a pretty decent legacy!

  • Fake German Accent
    Fake German Accent11 days ago

    Conan should cover more serious subjects. Loved him in Israel, Armenia, etc.. He has a great way and a very objective view.

  • Brian O'Hara
    Brian O'Hara11 days ago

    We love you guys.

  • Thomas Ackerly
    Thomas Ackerly11 days ago

    Is Sona going with him

  • nil x
    nil x11 days ago

    I been a Conan fan since 96 when his show was finally available on cable tv in the Philippines. When i first saw it, it was like “Kedakai!” moment for me. Just pure awe.

  • Honorio Tanquintic
    Honorio Tanquintic11 days ago

    I could see it coming, the end of comedy and talk shows, hollywood, ever since Trump got trounced by media since he got elected.

  • Brad McCoy
    Brad McCoy11 days ago

    Conan gives Matt so much crap about being a hipster and then he turns up with this kerchief around his collar. Hilarious.

  • Carl Whissel

    Carl Whissel

    6 days ago

    Yeah, is that thing a joke?

  • P R

    P R

    8 days ago

    Conan is going to rob a bank afterwards.

  • John Hampton
    John Hampton12 days ago

    You'll always be counted among the great ones of late night in my book! Thanks for all the laughs! Peace!

  • Azu Shi
    Azu Shi12 days ago

    so are those staff since 1993 still going to be with Conan on HBO?

  • anima099
    anima09912 days ago

    Podcasts seem like Conan's side-calling. Like, if he wasn't built for TV, his humor and voice would have been built for radio/podcasts.



    8 days ago

    Conan sucked at late-nite. His radio performance is worse.

  • Nao Bolliger
    Nao Bolliger12 days ago

    Just like Matt - l'm also "JOMO" type😂 "Joy Of Missing Out"

  • Euan Hamilton
    Euan Hamilton12 days ago

    "Is one Conan?" "No" "Is the other one Conan?" laughed out loud

  • Ianuarius


    2 days ago

    "Yea, we're calling one Conan and the other one Jay."

  • P P

    P P

    11 days ago

    “I don’t need the competition, I don’t need another Conan Gray out there”

  • Ustp27
    Ustp2712 days ago

    I like your show, but I'm not watching all of them (as I'm not in the US), but I've never missed an episode of your podcast. In fact, I listen to some over and over again. Love you Conan, the funniest guy on this planet!

  • Johnny Chang
    Johnny Chang12 days ago

    You made her take a bus ?

  • Bradly Wright
    Bradly Wright12 days ago

    I 100% thought Matt was a bald, goateed, Austin hipster type. Was way off.

  • samringwald


    9 days ago

    Right? He's the most normal-core looking guy ever.

    HITMAN12 days ago

    In my opinion he is best late night show host.

  • F M
    F M12 days ago

    Conan and Sona have taught me to knock food out of my co-workers' hands.

  • Robert Sayles
    Robert Sayles12 days ago

    Andy Richter looks different

  • frito Pendejo
    frito Pendejo12 days ago

    Conan stopped being funny 15 years ago

  • TopZz AU
    TopZz AU12 days ago

    Thankyou for being such a huge part of my childhood Conan!

  • Tae Young Ahn
    Tae Young Ahn12 days ago

    All good things

  • Gaming Landscapes
    Gaming Landscapes12 days ago

    Conan is much more than a TV talk show host, he's hilarious and kind.

  • stau ffap

    stau ffap

    9 days ago

    ....except when he kicks pieces of water melon out of peoples hands.

  • Randy Suyematsu
    Randy Suyematsu12 days ago

    We love, love, love, Sona and hope this is a congratulatory message to her whole circle!!

  • Dyn Jarren
    Dyn Jarren12 days ago

    Conan’s incredibly lazy and worked only 4 days a week for years and he was paid 40 million dollars for one weeks work on NBC when Leno quit and came back. He won the lotto that week. He’ll probably start a Podcast and stream it like Adam Corolla and Joe Rohan so he can be trendy. Andy will probably be on the show because he’s a lamprey. He needs his host.

  • Skywalker


    11 days ago

    @Dyn Jarren How? Podcasts aren't something you just record on your phone. Though some do... And it sounds terrible. There's actually a lot of work that goes into making a podcast. Conan might look like he's taking it easy, but that's just 28 years experience in the talk format. It takes a lot of work to make it look easy. Also he's doing a new show on HBO max soon. Plus he's still doing travel specials... He obviously still working

  • Dyn Jarren

    Dyn Jarren

    11 days ago

    @Skywalker podcasts are for lazy people who don’t want full time work. That’s Conan!

  • Skywalker


    11 days ago

    He already has a podcast.... You're literally commenting on a clip of it