Conan Explains How He Pays Sona In Bitcoin - "Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend"

Tech savant Conan O'Brien explains the "drag and drop" method he uses to pay Sona's salary in Bitcoin. Listen to more from this episode @

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  • Shayn Nicolaysen
    Shayn Nicolaysen8 hours ago

    If you a loved redhead truly u understand love and happiness

  • Shayn Nicolaysen

    Shayn Nicolaysen

    8 hours ago

    Please try me

  • Shayn Nicolaysen

    Shayn Nicolaysen

    8 hours ago

    And I'm Conan and Amy truth irish God

  • Google Critic
    Google Critic19 hours ago


  • Neil Crowe
    Neil Crowe4 days ago

    Conan is an inspired lunatic with perfect foils

  • Carlo Lardini
    Carlo Lardini6 days ago

    1:31 inner German Conan kicks in xD Conan is maybe saying "..that was the KINDEST thing..." but it sounds a hell lot like "krankest" (sickest) in German

  • Kyle Wollman
    Kyle Wollman10 days ago

    He lives in dairy country based on his 'overall' appearance. Conan: the quickest quipster west of the Mississippi.

  • James Moorhead
    James Moorhead13 days ago

    Guysss he never stated HOW MUCH bit coin he pays her in. Just that he pays her in it. Let’s not assume she would be a billionaire. Contract negotiations can get dirty.

  • Word
    Word13 days ago

    Conan is ahead of time using Bitcoin. He is a true innovator that utilizes modern monetary technology as opposed to the other late night guys that still only care about fiat currency. He is the best.

  • Unaswi Mothuti
    Unaswi Mothuti13 days ago

    "Dad" threw me off 😂😂😂😂

  • Emilio Casaburi
    Emilio Casaburi14 days ago

    buy better webcams

  • Ron C
    Ron C15 days ago

    Sona's nose is noticeably big when she looks off camera. But I don't mind.

  • Timothy Nathan
    Timothy Nathan15 days ago

    If Conan had been paying sona in Bitcoin shed be very wealthy by now even with the drop in the market

  • Kaita 117
    Kaita 11716 days ago

    Conan doesn't pay his employees in his own minted crypto Coinan? boooo

  • Mech Fly
    Mech Fly16 days ago

    perfect just perfect,drag and drop, thanks dad.

  • gator fan
    gator fan16 days ago

    I hope Sonya still works with Conan when he goes to HBO Max.

  • Ryan Babcock
    Ryan Babcock16 days ago

    conan will you please do a show where you show us your guitar collection and tell us a bit about each one. pretty please :)

  • Ryan Babcock
    Ryan Babcock16 days ago

    Bitcoin should be everyones savings account you buy a bit every day , week or month and don't really pay attention to the price and in 10 years you'll never need to work again. its the first currency of the world with a limited supply of 21million coins and its been the best performing asset in the history of man kind!

  • Dynasty Package
    Dynasty Package16 days ago

    Conan is very intelleginat

  • Tim Wieclawski
    Tim Wieclawski16 days ago

    I always imagined Gorley had a goatee.

  • The Benefactor
    The Benefactor16 days ago

    I want these three to meet at night next time, and have a seance. Let's get spooky Conan. The medium's the message.

  • Ryan Boyce
    Ryan Boyce16 days ago

    Sona has a great laugh!

  • jimijackson
    jimijackson17 days ago

    I like sonas eyebrows

  • glad lawson
    glad lawson17 days ago

    Well you're rich af if you have bit coins.

  • Doug VanDyke
    Doug VanDyke17 days ago

    Sona must be richhhh

  • Yuh
    Yuh17 days ago

    Need these podcasts in full video!

  • zindabyne
    zindabyne17 days ago

    Ah this is from the Sean Penn episode! Great stuff.

  • LieselMD
    LieselMD17 days ago

    3:03 looks like a man cave

  • Denzel Laserna
    Denzel Laserna18 days ago

    I think Matt is Conan's sarcasm translator.

  • Nikil Ragav
    Nikil Ragav18 days ago

    No one said he paid Sona exclusively in Bitcoin

  • Anthony Thompson
    Anthony Thompson18 days ago

    I'm surprised Sona didn't say, "Nice glasses, Conan!".

  • Billy Cloudy
    Billy Cloudy18 days ago

    Please conan doesn’t know anything about cryptocurrency much less pay her in it!!😂 Yeah I learned about Bitcoin 10 years ago but didn’t think anything of it! So when it started to make gains in 2013 and 2017 I was like oh dammit missed that boat again!! But now with all the ransom where attack’s and then using cryptocurrency as payment I really don’t think in the next few years it’ll even be around because countries are already starting to ban it like in China United States is going to probably start looking at coming down real hard on crypto and then soon after a be the world bank because they won’t want to competition

  • XkidXuglyX
    XkidXuglyX18 days ago

    i didn't know Sona was a master at improv

  • Dill B
    Dill B18 days ago

    It’s kinda great that after being together for so long that Conan still makes Sona laugh super hard

  • Gezy Fitz
    Gezy Fitz18 days ago

    Need jordan on here

  • Czechbound
    Czechbound18 days ago

    Why is Conan wearing comedy glasses ? Please do an episode with Conan trying on different glasses :)

  • Czechbound
    Czechbound18 days ago

    "It's called a "Do it, and then talk about it" " .... Ha ha, Sona is GOLD !

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith18 days ago

    also, I know Sona isn't panning down to show her belly, but for someone about to give birth to twins really soon, Sona Looks amazing! She's casual, barely any makeup, and still Looks great

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith18 days ago

    I've seen Conan do plenty of Interviews from this spot, but when he swiveled around to show Will and you see it's a converted garage, WOW- nicely done space Conan!!

  • Azu Shi
    Azu Shi18 days ago

    What? Conan's voice is his signature. I can't imagine if he had Fallon's or Kimmel's voice. His voice gets your attention (and also the way he talks).

  • Alex A. Anderson
    Alex A. Anderson18 days ago

  • Carly Scott

    Carly Scott

    18 days ago

    He is actually one of the best traders in the market right now he's an excellent analyst.

  • anderson robert

    anderson robert

    18 days ago

    john is the reason why i have such a diverse and profitable portfolio at the moment.

  • Mr Davidson

    Mr Davidson

    18 days ago

    well the market is actually very volatile at the moment.

  • Bigolpanda
    Bigolpanda19 days ago

    I just want Conan to roast me lmao

  • thilini herath
    thilini herath19 days ago


  • Nathan Heffner
    Nathan Heffner19 days ago

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    SLNTSCPE19 days ago

    Conan and Tilda Swinton should have babies together 🤣💦

  • G D
    G D19 days ago

    I just want Conan to do a Harry Caray impression

  • SimpingForJimmyFallon
    SimpingForJimmyFallon19 days ago

    conan be like : i didnt forget the name i just wanted to add tension. sona : inserts sarcasm lmao

  • Flashbangb4
    Flashbangb419 days ago

    Sona needs to change her laugh. She sounds to much like Robin Quivers, fake laughing at everything Howard Stern says or said. Is he still doing a show? IDK. You're welcome.

  • Troy Stenerson
    Troy Stenerson19 days ago

    Sona is funny!

  • George D.
    George D.19 days ago

    Conan knows exactly how BTC works lol. Dude went to Harvard

  • Bobby Hayes
    Bobby Hayes19 days ago

    Sonia and conan are great together i hope there really cool in real life

  • Tom Bushman
    Tom Bushman19 days ago

    Do you need a guitar hanging on the wall to be part of this podcast?

  • Angela Lenna
    Angela Lenna19 days ago

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  • Bob D
    Bob D19 days ago

    Sona, the price of Bitcoin in 2013 was 8 cents, Its now at over $34,000. If you haven't touched it in all this time you should now have more money then Conan. You should hire him to be your assistant

  • Wouter Drupsteen
    Wouter Drupsteen19 days ago

    "He said dad."

  • Ugly Bestfriend
    Ugly Bestfriend19 days ago

    Im frend i love you

  • B Bennett
    B Bennett19 days ago

    Has Sona had the kids yet? Is she going to explode? I hope it all goes well.

  • D
    D19 days ago

    If he's seriously been paying her in Bitcoin that long, wait until she realizes that she's RICH.

  • D
    D19 days ago

    Jesus when are they going back to IRL work? The world is getting tired of this virtual BS

  • Clef Crescendo
    Clef Crescendo19 days ago

    If I ever get on this show, I need to find some guitars for my wall so I can fit in.

  • Ryan Babcock

    Ryan Babcock

    16 days ago

    beautiful old vintage ones too if you want to fit in with Conan, I wish he would do a show highlighting all of his vintage guitars and amps!

  • Josh, yep.

    Josh, yep.

    19 days ago

    I'm glad someone mentioned it!!😊

  • cannalingus
    cannalingus19 days ago

    This is my first time seeing sonya

  • antoine catherine
    antoine catherine19 days ago

    Is it a thing among show business people to hang guitars as decoration ?

  • General Imlerith
    General Imlerith19 days ago

    I saw the thumbnail not gonna lie I thought that guy in white can’t remember his name was bob saget 😂

  • WineNot
    WineNot19 days ago

    Conan needs a friend . . . who can keep up with him

  • Allester Shaun
    Allester Shaun19 days ago

    Team coco forevahhh

  • Hockeyguy25
    Hockeyguy2519 days ago

    Conan's hairline is getting a little bit further back each time I see but honestly if he did shave it off I can see him looking a bit like Howie Mandel

  • david mack
    david mack19 days ago

    conan is the funniest guy on all the interwebs.

  • Nestor Fidalgo
    Nestor Fidalgo19 days ago

    You can rent a friend in japan. Maybe it will be more expensive for you it might be hard to pretend to be your friend if you being famous and having money still have none.

  • oscarrr6
    oscarrr619 days ago

    Conan says here he doesn't understand tech, but in his lockdown interview with Colbert he knew immediately what model Stephen's video camera was.

  • Ivan123


    15 days ago

    Cameras were part of his job but by tech he meant probably computers and software.

  • Mark Jaramillo
    Mark Jaramillo19 days ago

    ⛹🏽‍♀️... this is beautiful Sona..she’s got jumps..every time I’m in love..score Sona..Score for us!!!

  • Kenji Okura
    Kenji Okura19 days ago

    Lol everytime they discuss how many years Sona works Conan underestimates it.

  • Aldous Yelxuh
    Aldous Yelxuh19 days ago

    you recognize of course that if you had been paying her secretly in ANY amount for the last 11 years consistently she would LEGIT be a billionaire.

  • James Cook
    James Cook19 days ago

    Ah, Conan can't stop. So wonderful to see this.

  • Jesse White
    Jesse White19 days ago

    If Conan was paying Sona in bitcoin for 11 years, she would be the worlds first trillionaire

  • Ryan Babcock

    Ryan Babcock

    16 days ago

    Bitcoin should be everyones savings account you buy a bit every day , week or month and don't really pay attention to the price and in 10 years you'll never need to work again. its the first currency of the world with a limited supply of 21million coins and its been the best performing asset in the history of man kind!

  • arosha1
    arosha119 days ago

    Conan pulled a real "funny how?" with Matt.

  • Izet Yusein
    Izet Yusein19 days ago

    Hasn’t Sona given birth to her twin sons yet?

  • Carl Fansler
    Carl Fansler19 days ago

    Conan's glasses make him look strongly of a lazy eyed Randy Quaid🤔

  • Stunt Panda
    Stunt Panda19 days ago

    Why the hell aren't the full video versions of the podcast online?!

  • McGovey
    McGovey19 days ago

    they all have guitars on their walls.

  • Ryan Babcock

    Ryan Babcock

    16 days ago

    conan has awesome vintage guitars I'd love for him to do a podcast and show off his collection

  • Richard Prado

    Richard Prado

    19 days ago

    Exposed brick lifestyle

  • Kumud Mecwan
    Kumud Mecwan19 days ago

    Kedakai.. as GOD made her

  • alice L
    alice L19 days ago

    Who else paused at 3:04 to check out more of Conan's house?

  • Toc7 Olwn

    Toc7 Olwn

    18 days ago

    Didn't even notice until your comment lolol. So conan does these podcasts in the garage! And the garage has some old pieces of furniture, and old props from one-time family interests (like sewing and clothes design) That's my analysis lolol

  • Anubhav Arya
    Anubhav Arya19 days ago

    Almighty push

  • viciousjerm
    viciousjerm19 days ago

    They all have at least 1 guitar 👍

  • Prashanth Shetty
    Prashanth Shetty19 days ago

    Conan's words are like blockchain. Registered in the minds of his fans. So you cannot mess with the events even if some of the fans turn rogue and say otherwise; the others will correct it.

  • Jay Best
    Jay Best19 days ago

    If Conan had paid Sonar in 2010 bit coin it was worth about 5c to 50c per Bitcoin at that time, so if we take an average salary of say $30,000 x 50c then if she kept that 1 years salary, she would have about $3,000,000,000.00 today.

  • flinx


    19 days ago

    Unless she stored it in an online wallet that got hacked and lost all of it

  • Geoffrey Vanhees
    Geoffrey Vanhees19 days ago

    You can see that Sona learned how to continue Conan's nonsense by asking those set up questions. She's Conan's straight man.

  • Silver Fritz Reah

    Silver Fritz Reah

    19 days ago

    She knows him too well



  • Silver Fritz Reah

    Silver Fritz Reah

    19 days ago

    He can, he just DENIES TECHNOLOGY 😂😂😂

  • John Swilley
    John Swilley19 days ago

    I thought Matt was Bob Saget on the thumbnail

  • The Neon Theater
    The Neon Theater19 days ago

    Man I love this podcast. These 3 are so perfect together.

  • June Asiimwe

    June Asiimwe

    19 days ago

    This podcast has been getting me through lockdown. It's a real treasure.

  • Jonelle
    Jonelle19 days ago

    Why does the interior of everyone’s home looks like this was filmed in the late 70s? lol

  • ss l

    ss l

    19 days ago

    because LA was built up in the 60s and 70s. nobody knocks down an old house to make a new one unless they are very rich, and you don't commute from new developments (in East Bumblefuck) unless you are poor.

  • Ned Ludd

    Ned Ludd

    19 days ago

    Because people had a better sense of taste than nowadays.

  • Jon Don't
    Jon Don't19 days ago

    I hoped they included the Salinger bit.

  • S D
    S D19 days ago

    Where can you watch full episodes on video?

  • William Zhao
    William Zhao19 days ago

    You know this is the first time I finished full episode

  • Andrea Chung
    Andrea Chung19 days ago

    Conan is the only person I am willing to listen to talk about nothing :)

  • Ashkan
    Ashkan19 days ago

    Wish I could join the podcast

    SEBASTIAN SANDLER19 days ago

    I would love to watch full episodes of your podcasts! the video makes it more enjoyable than just the audio

  • Aldous Yelxuh

    Aldous Yelxuh

    19 days ago

    this is just the only part they can show. the rest of it is nude.

  • N Stovah
    N Stovah19 days ago

    If Conan actually paid Sona in Bitcoin over the past 12 years, she’d be a millionaire now

  • Ryan Babcock

    Ryan Babcock

    7 days ago

    @Quiz Taker google it for your self if you don't believe me How long does it take for a credit card payment to process?Credit card transactions typically take . An authorization is issued immediately; however, it takes 48 hours for the money to be moved. bitcoin is better than money in almost every way, one of the biggest advantages is it can't be diluted like what banks do with government issued currency so that's a big part of the reason why it always goes up in value over any 24 month period. cause their is no limit to how much money central banks can produce their is no limit to how high Bitcoin can go!

  • Ryan Babcock

    Ryan Babcock

    7 days ago

    @Quiz Taker by clear you mean settle and do you know how long settlment takes with your credit card payment? its about 2-3 days with a bank card or credit card. bitcoin is pretty fast actually, the first verification happens within 10 minutes and every 10 minutes after that its verified again. if you are doing really large transactions you might want to wait up to 6 verifications but for small payments you can do it pretty much instantly. Bitcoin is layer one so other layers can be built on top of it to make it much more faster and efficient like the lighting network (check it out) and as for other cryptos being as secure as bitcoin its laughable check out the hash rate of the bitcoin network vs other cryptos!

  • Quiz Taker

    Quiz Taker

    7 days ago

    @Ryan Babcock For all you know Ethereum or XRP could be the winner. Bitcoin is probably the next MySpace.

  • Quiz Taker

    Quiz Taker

    7 days ago

    @Ryan Babcock Have you ever actually tried to pay for something with Bitcoin? Takes hours for it to clear. Imagine standing in the grocery store line trying to pay for something with Bitcoin and having to wait 3 hours for it clear? Yep, this is the revolutionary payment system everyone is talking about.

  • Wilson


    13 days ago

    she would be Conan's boss now

  • GoonsOfDooM 7
    GoonsOfDooM 719 days ago

    Conan really made Sona the ultimate charity case I wonder why she got picked 4all the special treatment,she must be amazing at work😂

  • Walter Hawk
    Walter Hawk19 days ago

    I like Bitcoin and Turtles??

  • UberNeuman
    UberNeuman19 days ago


  • zoperxplex
    zoperxplex19 days ago

    In other words: Sona works for slave labor wages. Smart move.

  • Shiva
    Shiva19 days ago

    They should release whole podcast videos, would be nice 😊



    19 days ago

    it is way more enjoyable